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Jon O Fun

Magical Girl
Code Geass movie 2 £15.89

Also on Amazon for £6.99 each -

And good deal? AssClass Complete blu ray for £28.20.
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Slight tweaks to prices (or still at that price after a long while):

King's Game the Animation: Complete Series (Collector's Edition Blu-ray) - £27.99
Plastic Memories: Part 1 (Collector's Edition Blu-ray) - £24.99
A Silent Voice (Collector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD, 2020 Version) - £16.99
Silver Spoon: Season 1 Collection (Collector's Edition Blu-ray) - £25.99
Tokyo Ghoul:re: Part 1 (Collector's Edition Blu-ray) - £34.99
Weathering With You (Collector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD) - £27.99

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A few MVM CE price drops on

Armed Girls Machivavellism £37. 99
Flip Flappers £37.99
Princess Principal £37.99 (1 left in stock)
When They Cry £54.99


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A few MVM CE price drops on

Armed Girls Machivavellism £37. 99
Flip Flappers £37.99
Princess Principal £37.99 (1 left in stock)
When They Cry £54.99
Might have been interested in Princess Principal had I just not bought MVM's Steelbooks yesterday.


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There's a seller on eBay, username thecotswaldlibrary selling a number of CDs, DVDs, Games etc among them Anime. The UK stuff varies in price (Hetalia, Monogatari, Bleach, Naruto etc) but the Region 1/A stuff is incredibly cheap generally £2.47 (odd price but hey)

Picked up 10 titles for a little over £30 including the full run of Honey and Clover.


I checked out their stuff. US wise its really only DVDs, and they list the same thing over and over by slightly higher price.

I didn't see anything of real interest.


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Yeah little in the way of Bluray outside of MVM stuff but there were a few whilst I was browsing. May have all sold prior to my original post though.


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I may have aquired a few of the blu rays thecotswaldlibrary but there really wasn't much I could find and I took a look through there site for more anime and didn't see much of intrest (But I bought them on them late Thursday / 21st). I got Steins gate part 2 to replace my DVD version and Tiger and bunny part 2 and 4, only need part 3 now and all for under £3.

Possible someone might be intrested, but only 1 copy and Used via amazon market place for £15 from popitinthepost, so not sure if it will even have all the collector stuff (maybe able to contact them if your intrested and want to make sure): Assassination Classroom season 1, part 1 Blu ray


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This weeks EB is Megalobox for £34.99



Wowhd has sound euphonium movie for £14.99 delivered, it’s 1p lower than their threshold for VAT to be added.

They change their prices regularly for currency price so get it while you can.

I’ve also purchased non non biyori vacation for £14.20

They also have a load of titles for about £11 but most are on backorder.
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