UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

Jon O Fun

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Code Geass movie 2 £15.89

Also on Amazon for £6.99 each -

And good deal? AssClass Complete blu ray for £28.20.
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nice Kodansha charity humble bundle going on

top tier is £16 for
Princess Jellyfish Vol. 1-9
Your Lie in April Vol. 1-11
To Your Eternity Vol. 1-11
Space Brothers Vol. 1-34
Parasyte Vol. 7 & 8
Love Hina Omnibus 1-5
BECK Vol. 01-34


AUKN Staff
Slight tweaks to prices (or still at that price after a long while):

King's Game the Animation: Complete Series (Collector's Edition Blu-ray) - £27.99
Plastic Memories: Part 1 (Collector's Edition Blu-ray) - £24.99
A Silent Voice (Collector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD, 2020 Version) - £16.99
Silver Spoon: Season 1 Collection (Collector's Edition Blu-ray) - £25.99
Tokyo Ghoul:re: Part 1 (Collector's Edition Blu-ray) - £34.99
Weathering With You (Collector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD) - £27.99

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which will support me if you buy anything through the links provided.)


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A few MVM CE price drops on

Armed Girls Machivavellism £37. 99
Flip Flappers £37.99
Princess Principal £37.99 (1 left in stock)
When They Cry £54.99


Death Scythe
A few MVM CE price drops on

Armed Girls Machivavellism £37. 99
Flip Flappers £37.99
Princess Principal £37.99 (1 left in stock)
When They Cry £54.99

Might have been interested in Princess Principal had I just not bought MVM's Steelbooks yesterday.


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There's a seller on eBay, username thecotswaldlibrary selling a number of CDs, DVDs, Games etc among them Anime. The UK stuff varies in price (Hetalia, Monogatari, Bleach, Naruto etc) but the Region 1/A stuff is incredibly cheap generally £2.47 (odd price but hey)

Picked up 10 titles for a little over £30 including the full run of Honey and Clover.


I checked out their stuff. US wise its really only DVDs, and they list the same thing over and over by slightly higher price.

I didn't see anything of real interest.


Pokémon Master
Yeah little in the way of Bluray outside of MVM stuff but there were a few whilst I was browsing. May have all sold prior to my original post though.


I may have aquired a few of the blu rays thecotswaldlibrary but there really wasn't much I could find and I took a look through there site for more anime and didn't see much of intrest (But I bought them on them late Thursday / 21st). I got Steins gate part 2 to replace my DVD version and Tiger and bunny part 2 and 4, only need part 3 now and all for under £3.

Possible someone might be intrested, but only 1 copy and Used via amazon market place for £15 from popitinthepost, so not sure if it will even have all the collector stuff (maybe able to contact them if your intrested and want to make sure): Assassination Classroom season 1, part 1 Blu ray


Dragon Knight
This weeks EB is Megalobox for £34.99