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They have already given there Q4 and US is Nov so I would assume Jan would be earliest here if lucky. But I bet AL will somehow get it. And give us a CE we really need sorry I mean don't.


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Tempted to get Flying Witch and a few others but am being cautious with titles that MVM have released in the UK as I’ve ordered those mystery boxes (one was a birthday gift.)


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When did Millennium Actress get announced for blu ray?
I just saw Millenium Actress for the first time at my local movie theater two weeks ago - a nationwide Fathom Events special, one showing subtitled, one showing dubbed - I went to the subtitled showing, as I don't watch anime dubbed. It was very good, so I'm looking forward to this Shout Factory release on Blu-ray.

Lol, I'll be heading back to my 40th high school class reunion this year - does that count?
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was expecting to see Lucky Star in that list but i can only find the US version on their site, also regret not getting the complete set of Assassination Classroom at christmas because it doesn't seem like they had any more copies printed at all (maybe they lost it in the funi thing too)