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Seraph of the End is the decent one out of the two releases. When it comes to Arslan (I've only seen Part 1 of Season 1 at this time), I'm tempted to buy the US release and swap out the discs. Seraph of the End might have been Aniplex quality authoring, but Arslan still has the same kind of banding that you'd see on any Funimation release, and for the Japanese audio, they can't do screen text and dialogue at the same time on the Universal discs, and there is a whole lot of screen text that needs translating, and you're left skipping back and switching the from subtitles to signs.

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Oh great, that is the first I heard of issues with the Arslan discs. Is that for just the Universal discs or for the Season 2 discs as well?

Subtitles-wise, I'm guessing Universal discs only, as Season 2 (released by MVM using Funimation's masters) didn't have any subtitle issues (based on Just Passing Through's review). I can't say for anything else, as I don't own any of these.

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Ok, well the subtitle issue would be a big one for me, as I'm strictly a subber. I haven't had a chance to watch my Universal releases of season 1, but was planning to get to them soon, so like JPT said, I might just double-dip on the Funi SE sets when they are on Holiday sale for cheap, and replace all the discs. Sucks because I specifically imported the Universal sets because I try to avoid buying Funi US domestic releases whenever possible.


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Out of interest what are the extras that are missing from the Blu Ray?
They were included in the US Blu-ray releases as a bonus DVD disc, similarly to Lucky Star:
  • Textless Opening & Closing Songs
  • Fruits Basket Room No. 1
  • Fruits Basket Room No. 2
  • Fruits Basket Room No. 3
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Akitaroh Daichi Interview
  • Eyecatch Gallery No. 1
  • Eyecatch Gallery No. 2
  • English Cast Interview
  • Illustration Gallery
  • Outtakes
  • Outtakes, English Closing Theme and Auditions


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