UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


Man, that's annoying. Was actually looking forward to watching those films at some point. Have to wonder how many people managed to get copies who only care about flogging it for a profit.


I have never imported before. Can you buy from if you're in the UK?
Yes, but not all items will be available for shipping, it will depend on the seller.
I got the French Grave of the Fireflies Limited Edition.
If you have their app you can pick the store you want to look at from the options, but English isn't available so might be best use the Chrome browser with Google translate.


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It's sold by Amazon, you'll be fine. The checkout process is exactly the same as the UK site.

It works out at around £35 including shipping.



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It's a good code for preorders but I rarely look at anime-online outside of the weekly deal & sales because their prices are rarely competitive :(. (£22 for Ghibli films? o_O)


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And me is thinking may have better gone for Princess Principal at christmas. But then it's also a blind buy, depsite it seemingly being a sleeper hit...