UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


Comic Book Guy
I reviewed Solty Rei for this site aaaaages back. Go look for it in the database, peeps!

It's not a bad show. But it's also hardly likely to cut a deep groove.


Vampire Ninja
Kyo... a show i've never finished - with the last few episodes I watched being via rental DVD. It'll probably work out cheaper for me just to buy it rather than rent it.

Also Castle, the likely chance is the DVD case will follow the likes Paranoia Agent and Welcome to the NHK.


Straw Hat Pirate
Samurai 7 is on my want list from quite some time, I was leaning towards the US blu-ray but this price is tempting.
Is there someone that can give some impressions about the US blu-ray? Is it really better than the DVD version?