Tin Foil Haberdashery!

I effing hate effing Pintrest, it's everything wrong with the modern internet. I should not have to create an account and log in just to view an image, in most cases an image which neither the person who uploaded it nor Pintrest even owns.
Haha, I do get what you mean. As an "artist" it's more of a practical thing for me - easier than sourcing the image and then bookmarking pages etc; it's all in one place where I can find it and use it...
I should not have to create an account and log in just to view an image, in most cases an image which neither the person who uploaded it nor Pintrest even owns.
That's also a very valid point. I actually ended up starting an account for that very reason, which I initially disliked.

I really rather enjoy using it now, though. I warmed to it very quickly.
Apologies @Captaaainuniverse I feel like I'm highjacking your thread!
Ah it's fine. Keeps the thread relevant! I'll be looking for someone to do those images tommorrow then probably Friday I could write it up and post my next one. I'll have to go through 3 discs and a manga for snapshots *faintly hears anime limited staff shout 3 whole discs? My heart bleeds*
It's finally time for another tin foil haberdashery! Oh yes! this one only took so long since I was looking for someone to edit up some images, oh well, if anything's worth doing (and I'm sure you'll agree this was!) it's worth doing yourself!

todays topic! claymore!
yes, the series of frail little girls swinging scottish greatswords at monsters! (and really really doesn't look like a certain black swordsman's misadventures!) I love it!
something a little heavy with the feels here, but I knew about the series before I got the manga, it was one of those ones where I had to read the manga. I actually received the collector's box of volumes, the same day my mother passed away. it got me through a tough time, I couldn't put the manga down until a certain chapter (dang it, clarice and maita!) that really seemed to resonate with what happened. for that, Claymore really has quite a bit of sentimental value to me, with many of the characters suffering feelings of loss, isolation, and dehumanisation.

welp, when you're done wiping your tears of sympathy or reaffirming that you do have a heart of stone, let's continue...

DISCLAIMER: this is a fantasy/horror series with a lot of female characters, expect boobs & blood

Claymore! The game!
My idea is for the claymore series to be re-imagined as a video game!
oh.. that... that doesn't look very inspiring does it?
what I'm imagining is something bigger, something that tries to cover everything the series has

so with that said, throw your fancy scottish greatsword into the woods and let's get this show on the road
press start

What I'm imagining here is a MMORPG, but you don't control any of the main cast like Claire, you create your own claymore, you'll initially be able to choose things like the face, hairstyle and design of the amour (look closely, much of the girl's amours have subtle differences) with that done, you're carted off to the training grounds!
the training will work a lot like this, and serve as the game's tutorial. it wouldn't be too difficult to defeat the opposing team, this tutorial would be over pretty quick.
after that, its over to accepting missions from men in black

you'll start at a low rank, like 47 (to be comparable to characters in the series) and often these low level missions are what the claymore are best known for, yoma huntin'!
that said, before a hunt, you'll be travelling to the town you're mission states, but (bear with me!) you can be attacked by wolves or bandits, wolves wound't be too tough to kill, but bandits can take your stuff, you're not allowed to kill humans, but you could still use your powers to help drive them off. once you get to the town, the yoma you are hunting may be hidden as a human, but you can use the claymore's ability to read their "yoma aura" or yoki to track them down
you can either attack the yoma in human form, or far more likely while you're learning how the game works, a yoma will be onto you pretty quickly
fighting yoma is where you get you're tricky customers, yoma are a bigger threat then a bandit, they are stronger, faster, and if you aren't paying attention, hidden as humans. you'd have to respond to yoma fairly quickly, or they'd certainly be able to kill you. you can, however, use your yoki like "mana" to heal yourself without items
using yoki is actually the opposite of using mana. your yoki bar will fill every time you use yoki powers, if you fill the yoki bar and go over your limit, you will become an awakened being, game over! (more on that later)
there is also a bit of a difference between whether you begin the game as an offensive claymore or a defensive claymore
defensive claymore will be able to take more hits, they will also be able to regenerate a greater amount of health using around the same amount of yoki, however, offensive claymore have an easier time learning certain special skills

That's your part 1 folks, whoever is hosting AUKN after the switch only allows 10 attachments per post, but there's so much more to show! I'll be back with part 2 soon enough
part one end
Claymore:The game! part 2
Disclaimer: same as part one, it is a horror/fantasy series. funnily enough, the only real fan service in the anime/manga are fan favourites turning up

Oh I didn't say what an important part of missions were in part one! of course, one of the most important things in missions is earning belas!
so yea, after you complete a mission like eliminating yoma, the organisation will collect belas and hold them for you, in your own sort of account. belas, of course, are claymore's currency, and can be used for several things, from purchasing a number of different items and secondary weapons (your claymore is always your primary weapon) among something I feel will dominate part 2: learning new skills!

there are three ways to see skills. skills that are based on the ability to detect yoki are equally easy to achieve for both defensive and offensive claymore, defensive claymore can improve their regeneration ability and learn to control yoki while using special skills, but they may have to go the extra mile to actually master special attack based skills, where as offensive claymore can easily develop attack and more active based skills. some of these special skills branch off abilities you already have, some can be taught by some of the regular cast of claymore, these tutor taught skills can include:

Elena's quicksword, one of my personal favourites. the point of this attack is to be almost like a living machine gun, the skill will continue a quick, lightning fast attack at the cost of raising yoki. once Elena teaches you this skill, the direction you attack in will still be obvious, there will be a slight delay before the attack initiates, giving your opponent some time to react. once this skill is developed and mastared, it will be initiated almost instantly, with the blade being completely invisible, your opponent will not be able to see where the attack comes from or when

Ophilia's rippling blade. this works much like the quicksword, apart from the blade being visible. the rippling effect will surprise the opponent, even opponents who can adeptly read yoki will think they can block it, but the blade moves like a snake, and cannot be blocked once the attack connects, the illusionary blade will move to attack the opponent directly. obtaining the skill, users will only be able to create the illusion as they attack, at the risk of using more yoki, mastering this skill will allow the user to maintain the illusionary blade whilst raising yoki

teresa's keen ability to read yoki, and respond to it with quick reactions. claire will teach this skill as this game will not have flashback characters. there is quite a lot that this skill can branch into, as claire teaches it, you can reduce damage done by avoiding critical attacks automatically, for as long as you use a low amount of yoki. as you master this, you may have a prompt that an attack will be incoming, heading this prompt will give you an almost dragon ball super ultra instinct effect where you will automatically dodge most, if not all, attacks being thrown at you at that moment, providing you still are using a low amount of yoki to make the opponent's yoki easier to detect, some attacks, providing you have quick enough reactions, can be blocked or countered instantly.
to develop this skill further, you gain some ability to harmonise with the opponent's yoki (which may raise yours, particularly if the opponent is an awakened one) you can then "influence" some of the opponents movements, much like galatea, developing further will allow you to influence movements more often, harmonise with allies (there are two ways you can do this, but those will come up later, one being pretty exclusive to high level claymore) and of course extend your ability to detect yoki from a distance, making finding yoma and awakened beings easier

Miria's phantom. move around the opponent faster then the eye can see, leaving behind an after image that the opponent may target while ignoring your true location. learning this from miria will give you the ability to create just a few phantoms with the risk of raising your yoki in quite large chunks. developing this skill will give you the "new phantom" from the manga, where you will be able to use more phantoms at a lower cost, mastering it will give you the "elegant" phantom, throwing your afterimage at the opponent, forcing them to go on the defensive whilst you attack at the moment of confusion

I do not fear the man who has mastered 1,000 kicks, I fear the man who has mastered one kick 1,000 times

these are just a few examples, there could be more, and more that are learnt branching off from other skills.
I do think that, even in the series, any claymore can learn these skills but they focus on creating their own style.

I think now's a good time to bring part 2 to a close!

the next part will likely be game over states and awakened beings, having the main campaign to open up to awakened hunts, having awakened side missions, death, player awakenings and what you can do about them

part two end
Claymore: The game! part 3
so, I've covered how the start of the game shapes up, and a little on how yoki is used in relation to special skills, before I forget, you could also use yoki for that old favourite shounen trope, powerin' up! giving your core powers a boost

the campaign will change in the type of missions you take to continue, as you complete a new type of mission in the campaign, you can seek out men from the organisation for new types of missions you can take at any time, however, some missions are done in the campaign that may be situational (like a player's awakening)
the campaign, of course, will follow the anime/manga, more so the manga after the halfway point (the mission types, of course, I've yet to mention, they will get their own section later)
if you haven't reached above rank 30 before your first awakened hunt during the campaign, helen will give you smack talk for being a low rank. you will typically take role of clare/a low ranking claymore in the campaign

death state
as you take on more difficult missions, you will be facing greater threats. if you die, you will be put back into character creation and given the chance to change your appearance, you will lose what your previous claymore was carrying, but you will not lose anything you have left with the organisation, such as your currency, which is always left with them. your skills will be unlocked, but will not be active, this gives you a chance to go down another path of skill development, but will be a minor annoyance to players who stubbornly stick to the same skills. you will drop a few ranks until you have proven that you have earned your previous rank

player awakenings and awakened beings
now the interesting bit! I know what you're thinking, "cap'n, you've mentioned awakening and awakened beings all over the place! what are they?" well, now I can say what they are. in the series, an awakened being is the result of a claymore going beyond the limits of their power, they are greater threats than yoma, many times over. a player who has filled their yoki meter to maximum will enter into an "awakened state"
you can also enter this state
If you enter an awakened state, you can prompt nearby players to execute you before you become an awakened being. if you are near a player who has entered an awakened state and are calling for an execution, there are two things you can do - you can execute them, obviously, or, if you have developed some ability to manipulate the yoki of others, you may be able to harmonise with the other player and rescue them
players returning from an awakened state will return to normal, have all their yoki drained and will be capable of regaining control moments after being rescued.

there is, of course fighting awakened beings themselves. players will not hunt awakened beings by themselves, but will instead, form "fireteams" of up to 4 or 5 players to take down a greater threat
canonically, claymore will be lead by a team leader in single digits, in the game, this doesn't matter, though there will probably be one player of a higher rank in the squad.

awakened beings typically appear on awakened hunt missions, and quite rarely otherwise, but it is possible to find them travelling the map
players who find awakened beings can call them out to nearby players, any player can then target the awakened being and help bring it down.

if you have not been executed or rescued before becoming an awakened one, you will go through the same thing as you do when you normally die, but players will have to deal with a new awakened being
nearby players may be alerted to the fact that a player has awakened, but if it is not defeated soon, it will become another mission, but also possibly attack players. the sensible thing to do reaching an awakened state is to be executed and not leave another big problem for other players to take care of.

players who have seen you use a certain type of skill during awakened hunts can give you any nickname they wish, but this will probably be in relation to what they have seen you do

abyssal awakening

there will be creatures of the abyss in the game, both as bosses in the campaign and as a high level mission, however, if a player reaches rank 1 and enters an awakened state, they will possibly have an "abyssal" awakened state, which would be particularly difficult to harmonise with, if they are allowed to awaken, they will not become an ordinary awakened one, but will be an abyssal one, something that is many factors more powerful than the player it was born from. abyssal awakenings will quickly disappear, and become an abyssal mission for high level players.

well, that's about all I can do for now, next part I will try to put in breaking the taboo, killing a human and different mission types. i would probably have to do a part 5 to finish off this series of posts, but part 5 will have something very special for high level players!

part 3 end


Claymore: The game! part 4
so now we have special skills and greater threats in awakened beings (and abyssal ones, which I've barely touched upon) I've also mentioned the campaign, which is but one part of the game, but continuing the campaign will unlock more available mission types. if you have not been to the holy city of Rabona during the campaign, you will not be allowed in the city, as claymores are banished for the fact that they are half yoma. after you unlock a special type of mission in the campaign, you will only be allowed into rabona for that type of mission until later in the campaign. before I get too deep into mission types, which include raid type missions (they can get a bit complex) I'll get into the taboo, which also makes a mission available to any player

The taboo: betraying the organisation and killing humans
betraying the organisation would mainly be taking a mission and choosing not to work towards the mission goal, such as taking an awakened mission and running away, or allowing your squad to die and not killing the awakened being. drawing a lot of attention to yourself constantly ignoring more immediate prompts such as players finding awakened beings, awakened players and other such things that would be a claymore's duty, the first clue you will have that the organisation does not trust you is that all the missions you can choose may turn to something above your level, something the game will feel you cannot handle, you will also be unable to use a special ability I'll mention in part 5. if the organisation distrusts you completely, they will treat you the same as if you killed a human. if the organisation discovers you have killed a human, they will task other players with executing you
this is the mission available to all players, it becomes available once the organisation distrusts a player or a player kills a human.
there are three things a player can do if they are hunted
- turn themselves in and accept execution
- fight any and all players they come across
- something that relates to the rabona type mission, go on the run, keep disguised and hope other claymore don't discover them
to keep the organisation from finding them, players will need yoki suppressing drugs, which will be available as an item you can purchase with belas after the rabona campaign
small, brown, bitter!
you could still be discovered by keen eyed players who observe your behaviour, catching you fighting yoma is an obvious giveaway. if you are in hiding, if you can find other players on a mission, you can earn the organisation's trust once more by helping players complete their mission, you will mainly be given missions to kill awakened beings within a squad, until you have gained more trust to do missions alone.

mission types: covet, squad based & raids
one of the most obvious mission types would be hunting yoma, you will travel to the region in your mission statement and use your ability to detect yoki to find yoma. to mix this up a little, higher level yoma missions will involve multiple yoma, you must slay them all to complete the mission

undercover missions: these will be available after visiting rabona in the campaign, until you complete a later arc in the campaign, undercover missions are the only way you will be able to re-enter rabona. you will need to use yoki suppressing pills while undercover
you may also run into humans like these
they will be an obstacle if they happen to suspect your true nature.
undercover missions may not always be slay missions, they may just be information gathering, undercover missions can also target a player for information gathering, the undercover player can inform the organisation about the location of a player that is to be executed.
awakened hunt: almost as standard as the yoma missions, apart from the fact that you will need to form a team before taking on the mission. awakened missions will always be available after killing an awakened being during the campaign, player awakened hunts will be available if a player's character has not been killed after awakening
awakened raid
it's like destiny with swords!
you may come across an awakened raid or two during the campaign, with them always being available after the first. it's where the game really opens up to being an MMO, you will have a greater number of players, much more can join then the limited number for an awakened hunt, there are two types: single raid with a single, powerful awakened being such as dauf, rigaldo or bloody agatha, any in the series that have awakened after being among the top 5 in rank. the second is multi raid where all players must fight multiple awakened beings at once, such as the battle in peita near the end of the anime. single raid enemies will rotate on a regular basis, such as a rigaldo raid one week then a dauf raid the next

abyssal raid (boss and player)
abyssal raids will be available once a player has encountered a creature of the abyss. abyssal ones are powerful, difficult to defeat awakened beings considered to be rank 1 in the organisation. the obvious ones are the three mentioned even in the anime: lucila, isley and riful, a few more from the manga could be cassandra, hysteria and roxanne. boss abyssal ones will rotate much in the same fashion as single awakened raids, abyssal player raids will be available after a rank 1 player has awakened

Destroyer raid
the destroyer does not appear in the anime, so it's quite difficult to know how this raid will turn out, but I may have some idea

all players start a far distance away from the destroyer, the destroyer will fire large rods in all directions, those rods will then turn into monsters

these monsters are pretty tricky, they are a little like awakened beings, and may be able to damage the player by shooting smaller rods at them before they die oh joy who doesn't want that the raid is over once enough players reach the destroyer

priscilla survival
if you follow the manga, you'd discover that priscilla is even stronger then abyssal ones, for this reason, I reckon a bit of a change would be to make it a survival mission

the goal is not to defeat priscilla, but to survive! not to a time limit either, this is a bit of a competitive raid in that for as long as a player survives they will earn belas, the player that survives the longest will earn the most belas

rank 1 raid
recommended for high level players, a raid where players fight roxanne, hysteria and cassandra in their human forms

well, it's that time again, I'm gonna have to bring this part to a close

next part: I'm not revealing that just yet! but it's a little something for high level and well trusted players, eagle eyed fans of the series may notice that I've left two really bad ass things out up to now!

part 4 end
Claymore: The game! part 5 (final)
I've forgotten to add something to the mission types, but since it's a big spoiler for the series and I would consider it to be a post - campaign mission, I'll put it in this part, so you get three surprises instead of two!
and that extra mission type is:

War raid

since when have yoma existed? how are they born? how are they spread? the answer is; they aren't! they are created, from the DNA of one particular creature. the conflict is not shown in detail in the manga, but is described in good enough detail. the world of claymore is not the entire world of claymore, on a far off continent, two large countries are waging an age - old war against each other, one of these countries gained the advantage by allying themselves with creatures whose name changes depending on how you translate it - dragon decendants, dragonkin, or as limt refers to them, asarakam. basically, they seem to be very reminiscent of straight - up mythical dragons, their abilities aren't really explained, but they are many times the size of man, so it would make sense they are many times stronger too. finding themselves on the losing side of the war, the country opposing the asarakam gathered whatever flesh from them they could, and infused that flesh into a special type of soldier (sound familiar?) the new super soldiers would use a new ability to transform and battle the asarakam as equals, this process was irreversible and the resulting creatures would attack friend and foe, traversing the battlefield with an alignment only to themselves, claymore are basically an experiment to make obedient super soldiers.
the war raid would be a hard one to wrap my head around, but I think it would work a little like a mosou game, that is, this raid works much in the nature of dynasty warrior games. you have hundreds of humans battling each other, asarakam as the elite enemies on the field, with a threat level somewhere between awakened and abyssal ones, the players are still claymore, taking the role of super soldiers. you can fight the humans if you want, but your main goal is to defeat the asarakam, improve your countries morale and defeat enough elite units like the asarakam and that's the raid in the bag!

all these raids sound like they might be a bit difficult, they may take a bit of time to finish. is there anything that can give you some breathing room? any kind of power up that will make these enemies a little easier? ohohoho delightfully devilish, player! both are just below!

Abyss Feeders
what four words would make you wish your day would just end? I think I can guess - regenerating zombie claymore apocalypse
they are first seen hunting down isley relentlessly. they will continue to regenerate unless their heads are destroyed, they have the shape-shifting ability on par with awakened beings, they track their prey by smell, and are completely mindless, with their only source of food being their target. in the manga, they track their prey by smell, having no detectable yoki of their own. in the game, with enough loyalty to the organisation, you can unleash your own wave of vile abyss feeders!
you will have a cooldown effect for this, but basically how it's activated would be that you throw a shred of cloth with a scent at the target, a wave of abyss feeders will soon turn up. they will continually and gradually regenerate their health until they are defeated, if around half of them are defeated the abyss feeders will run away, scattering in different directions, and you will not be able to summon a new wave right away. if you happen to be a player that is tracked by the organisation, and a player throws a cloth at you, you are in for a very long, very awful day.

Yoki Overdrive
so you'd think it'd be cool to run around as an awakened being, but the game won't let you? wait, it will! if you have a team member, or a partner that is adept at manipulating yoki you can possibly enter a yoki overdrive. you will fill your yoki meter to it's maximum, and your partner's up to 50%. you will transform into an awakened being as your partner manages yoki levels, they will still be able to fight, it is however, risky as fighting may upset their focus on yoki levels. as an awakened being, you will be able to fight awakened beings on equal footing, you will even be capable of killing awakened beings single handedly, where as a claymore you may need help taking them down. with a high boost in damage dealt, reduction of damage taken and increase in speed and mobility, expect to see these used a few times during abyssal and war raids. this process is reversible though your transformation is mainly handled by your partner

welp, that's it for this haberdashery! now it's over to you guys, what do you think of a claymore MMO? have I missed anything that could work in a game? is anything a bit over the top and wouldn't work in game? how popular do you think it could be, considering claymore wasn't, but is still praised amongst many of it's fans?
cap'n out!​

what's next for the haberdashery: well, I have a few ideas, one is a bit of a surprise I may put up when april comes around, if I have time I may do another claymore thing, but it's actually just using one character for a sort of screwattack's deathbattle, one I doubt they'd cover but still sounds like a good one nonetheless, otherwise once I'm less busy I may start work on something that may have about 2 parts, bloody roar: killing bites edition!
I’ve got to say... if this existed I’d be signing up right now. Seems like it could make for a very interesting game. I think it would be an excellent addition to the claymore universe.