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Finally, we have a weapon that can defeat you.
wooooooo it's been a long time since I've done an "official" haberdashery and here it is! what are we doing here though? well, we're taking this:
and this:
and doing this:

but first, I'd like to give an obituary for the developer of the Bloody Roar games, Hudson Soft.
Hudson Soft was founded in may, 1973, and were best known for their work in video games, which included the original BomberMan. after losing much of their staff (primarily to a Nintendo studio) they merged with Konami in 2012, who promised to release games made by those developers as Hudson games, but were often tasked with virtual console type reboots, not working on their original IPs or new ones. Konami closed the doors on the Hudson website in 2014 and in 2015 sold Hudson's original headquaters,
the sapporo building. I guess you can direct your angry rants for no Bloody Roar 5!

Killing bites also had a foray into games before becoming an anime:
but that was cancelled:
which is a shame, especially after seeing the anime, I would've hunted this out like some crazed honey badger girl

That said....
turn into a hippopotamus, slap that gut and lets get this show on the road

Bloody Roar: Killing Bites edition
(because Killing Roar and Bloody Bites sound like the wolf's specials)
what I'm imagining here is pretty much a Bloody Roar 5, but adding new characters in the way of the Killing Bites roster. This haberdashery will have 2 main subjects, the first being the major subject of how KB characters can integrate into the balance of BR battles, the second being new game modes

characters that may not appear
sorry for these ones, they just don't seem to fit into the balance that BR would have


yea, a good reason for her not to be there is because BR already has a rabbit, but there are several other reasons, mainly those being Ui's mainly known for running away and digging burrows... I can't see how useful wetting yourself in front of an opponent would be in a fighting game
chameleon snipers

a surprise to see in the anime for sure, but I just can't see what role they'd play in BR. the choice to choose between male and female would go a long way for players in <current year> but Buzizima already covers what these guys can do. if anything, they are a pallet swap for that guy.

Gorilla guy

there just isn't a lot about this guy in the anime and I haven't read the manga. the only really notable thing he can do in beast form is grab things with a tough gorilla - grip, BR has a gorilla before but this time I just don't see what balance he has, particularly with the others that I would think would be included

well, that's all I can do for now, check back for part 2 soon! It'll include several of the playable characters and those all important game modes!

Part 1 END
Bloody Roar: Killing Bites edition/Bloody Roar 5 part 2
well it's about time to return to this, I've been thinking about 5-8 characters would be fine to put down, but one is technically not a new character, more of an end game bonus.
so let's show the opponent that we haven't transformed fully and lets get this show back on the road

Characters - Included in game

Hitomi -Honey Badger-

the first is the most obvious, she'll probably be the face of the mashup along with hugo the wolf. her attacks would also be pretty obvious to many who've seen Killing Bites, her catchphrase will definitely be her entrance before a fight. she's balanced in speed and power, strikes fast within her reach and often adopts aggressive tactics, if she's allowed to build a combo she can just dump aggression onto her opponent and give them little chance to escape, very few have contours to it and many of them need beast mode. she's not trained by anyone, her fighting style resembles street fighting, some of her combos may throw very rough boxing or kick boxing moves in to keep building.

Beast mode
Hitomi's beast mode adds slashing attacks to Hitomi's usual rough fighting style, and special slashing attacks (comboable) change change her average/short reach into a medium range reach, there is also her "slash" special where in the series Hitomi lunges at her opponent and slashes at them in the same movement, there are only very few combos that link to this but it is one of her best special attacks. Beast mode adds to Hitomi's aggression, and she is able to put more pressure on her opponent not letting them get through mid range, only those with longer reach or a long rang attack can tank through Hitomi's aggression

Hyper mode
Hyper mode was introduced in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, it often adds cancels to attacks. changes the balance of some characters and most often gives a boost to a characters standard stats, sometimes there is a speed boost too

I'm not sure if I should put the character who would not technically be new here, but if that isn't the case then Hitomi will gain a noticable speed boost, her aggressive attacks come out faster and she can cancel her slashes, true to honey badgers themselves, only heavier attacks make her flinch keeping her fighting against pokes (light attacks used to start combos)

Eruza -Cheetah-

How can you have Hitomi without Eruza? I would say her cheetah form reminds me of an older BR veteran, Shina, Shina was a leopard that did kickboxing, had good reach and especially in leopard form would be great at juggling the opponent, yea, Eruza's style doesn't strike me as the same thing though, instead, she has short punches with better range in her kicks, she's pretty weak on individual attack, which means she has to bust out combos to do any damage, however, Eruza's balance is far more into being one of the fastest characters though, she's great at hit - and - run, where she can run in fast, do her damage, then run outside the opponent's range. some attacks are lunges that can knock the enemy down, giving her more breathing room before they get back up. her brother won't be as fast, though he also has pretty quick attacks

Beast mode
The cheetah can run circles around the opponent, adds short range slashes to her attacks and she can even slash at the opponent running past them, almost perfecting hit - and - run tactics, some combos start to run in and out of the enemies range in an attempt to avoid the opponent breaking that combo, which comes back to be a little like juggling.
again, most of Eruza's attacks are quite short in range, but her speed can make her count as a long range attacker

Hyper mode
Eruza is almost a blur across the screen, she becomes capable of using a "flash step" she used once in the series as part of her recovery or combos. her attacks that run past and slash the opponent, she can cancel the slash, running to the opponent's blind side and build a quick combo behind them.
Eruza isn't a strong fighter, but her opponent can't afford to take their eyes off her

Taiga -tiger-

There are already two tigers in bloody roar - Long, who is a practice martial artist that builds damaging combos and Shenlong, his clone that shares many moves but shortens those combos to do a great deal of damage in a short amount of time. Taiga's fighting style would also resemble martial arts. but thanks to his skill that roughly translates to "Tiger Cannon" this earns him a few cancels even in human form where he is much more focused on mobility when the opponent is in his range. he can build a punching combo, cancel that, then move to the side of his opponent, keeping them second guessing what he's about to do, he can also step forward or backward while attacking, keeping him moving during the fight. Tiger Cannon also comes into play in human form, he moves behind his opponent in an instant, however, he can only attack from behind, he cannot cancel this attack and it has quite the tell when setting up, and is not comboable

Beast mode
Taiga's damage output is given a decent boost, putting him close to the other tigers in BR, as usual, comboable slashes are in his list of attacks, however, he is more agile now, if he is cornered, he can jump at a wall and attack his opponent jumping off the wall, possibly gaining more territory for himself, his Tiger Cannon also gets an upgrade, it is still telegraphed but he can attack from any direction on the ground, the opponent must watch where he actually comes from as his set up does not show the direction. naturally, even building combos with slashes allows him his normal cancel into directional steps, virtually every combo Taiga has can keep him mobile

Hyper mode
Taiga is able to cancel many of his special moves, lunging attacks don't have to end in an attack. two noticeable differences here would be that Taiga has yet more damage output and the tiger cannon once again has a new upgrade - Tiger Cannons from behind are instant, though directional Tiger Cannons still have a set up, he is also able to cancel the Tiger Cannon attack, instantly moving around the opponent and stopping when they are trying to block the Tiger Cannon attack, once again second - guessing Taiga's plan of attack

Araka - porkupine -

yes, yes, I get that this won't be one of the favourites on the list, but I don't see Beast forms like hers used much in BR. I get the feeling she's more aerial, even as a human, the way she uses her quills against yuuya before transforming makes me feel like she should have a damaging knockback elbow attack, it's short reach but does the job. she can bring axehandle type attacks down from the sky and has a few good counter attacks, some of her special attacks can have her lunge forward quickly, make a poor juggle attack that doesn't combo to keep the opponent in the air, but can throw them into the air as a set up to her aerial attacks. she is particularly punishing with quick shot attacks and counters

Beast mode
most obvious change is the quills, she can use them in many ways, some counters punish the opponent by Araka turning around for a backthrust, attacking with her quills. she can also do something special - she can shoot out her quills for a long - range projectile, this can compliment a knockback combo but it is not easily comboable itself. she has a simple counter for aerial attackers, in beast mode, for a short time, whenever Araka crouches she covers her head and her quills spread out, before returning to her normal look. any opponent jumping from above while Araka's quills are spread out earn themselves some damage

Hyper mode
Araka adds quill damage to a few of her combos, her crouch quills are spread for slightly longer and her quill shots have their own combos, meaning she can continually shoot quills at a long range. Araka is very much in the long range/combo bracket of characters

Den -king cobra-

Another I feel is less popular for how they were shown in the series, but again I don't see many characters with his type of beast form.
I get the feeling his fighting style will be like christie's in DoA, a cobra - esque fighting style that has him flowing across the battlefield mainly moving towards his opponent, not letting them escape by backstepping, it's also great for building combos whatever game has that style.

Beast mode
Den changes quite a bit, he uses his fully transformed state, shortens the reach of his upper body strikes, loses his kicks gaining a long tail able to trap the opponent and some of his beast attacks are bites. he can propel himself long distances with his tail and of course his kicks change into very damaging tail strikes, he can combo with his usual upper body strikes, to trapping his enemy with his tail for a short time using the opportunity to do more damage to the opponent.

Hyper mode
I would think the deadly mist he uses against Hitomi works, continually poisoning the opponent while he is in hyper mode, if that's too much, his bite attacks become poisonous, draining the opponent's health for some time after a bite attack lands, he's able to cancel lots of attacks into lunges toward the opponent to make up for his short range strikes
den, in all forms, can put pressure on the opponent by continually moving toward them

Kazama -gecko-

Kazama is another one who displays some knowledge of martial arts, she will have a style somehwere between kickboxing and whatever style her heavy hits from the series comes from. her combos can have her grab her opponents for a short time, to do some extra damage or to change the position of both fighters, such as switching from right of the opponent to the left, it all depends on what combo she is pulling off, but is not quite as effective as Den's tail traps, they are short range and she loses her grip quickly. she can also use the heavy hitting style to finish off her kickboxing combos, she has a short range but she is very damaging in that range

Beast mode
Kazama uses her half - transformed state in beast mode, she does gain a damage output boost but her usual skills don't change massively, two techniques she gains are open handed swings and strikes and the ability to grip the opponent with one hand for some time, she has an excellent grip in this form and it's only often broken by the opponent attacking back, but Kazama often has the advantage while gripped, she can use virtually any of her other attacks while using her gecko grip . if she is thrown against a wall or a ceiling, she can use a delayed wall jump, but cannot keep her grip on other surfaces

Hyper mode
Kazama fully transforms in hyper mode. her delayed wall jump becomes a wall grip, she is able to travel across walls and ceilings freely, she can punch while gripped to a surface but cannot kick, her attacks while her opponent is in her gecko grip come out faster, making her able to fit more damage into a single gecko grip. she can also cancel many of her combos into a gecko grip, something she is not able to do in beast mode

Kido - pangolin -

Kido, one of my favourite from the series, is a powerhouse, with shorter combos compared to others on this list, but his focus is on building damage, not keeping the opponent trapped in combos. he can also take some punishment too, even in human mode, he has good recovery and returns to his brutal short combos quickly, he doesn't move quite like Taiga though. he is mainly short to mid range by virtue of his own reach

Beast mode
the pangolin can take even more punishment thanks to it's Kevlar like scales. the most damage the oppenent could do to kido is from right in front of him, which is also the most dangerous place to be as it is where much of Kido's brutal attacks strikes. Kido gets punishing tail swipes and a soft counter in curling into a ball that takes virtually no damage from any attack, he also can counter his back side by swiping his tail. tail swipes can be used to finish his short combos and knock the enemy back. Kido can also curl into a ball and roll to attack his opponent, but this is not comboable

Hyper mode
Kido's scales spread out like knives, giving him a damage output boost, his rolling attack is much faster and takes no damage from behind, he can cancel out of tail swipes and some come out fast enough to be comboable, extending some of his short combos and building more damage to his already impressive output

The Origin

This is the unoriginal character, Hitomi's true identity in the series is the origin, a "Brute" that is not made by humans but born naturally with her instincts and abilities, I wasn't sure whether this fight into hyper mode, it could be something akin to uranus/uriko in the early BR games as an endgame bonus character, she is many times faster than original Hitomi, has a greater damage output with certain attacks and a slight range boost on her slashing attacks, she is capable of tackling the enemy much like Tiger Cannon but it is an untelegraphed attack that always hits the opponent from the front, she can leap at walls from a range and use the wall jump for a long range attack, like Kido, she has fast recovery

Hyper mode
The origin does not have a beast mode, she can cancel her wall jumps and mid range slashes and her tackle and "store" damage from cancelled attacks for a short time, adding that damage to her next attack. she still takes damage, but does not flinch from attacks keeping her own aggressive combos going

Game modes
I've thought of two game modes inspired by Killing Bites that could be added to Bloody Roar:

Killing Bites tournament
at the end of the series, there seems to be an arena that holds DragonBall type tournaments that cater to brutes - the people who can transform into animal hybrids. I don't remember BR having a tournament, but I feel like it could work, particularly if it's structured like the tournament modes in a few DragonBall games, where you can enter upto 8 - 16 player controlled characters, fighting 1vs1 until only 2 contenders reach the final. all the BR veterans that reach BR5 and the additional roster on this list can enter the tournament

Possibly my favourite event in the series, it would make an interesting competitive game mode. 4 players take the role of zaibatsu each and choose 3 characters from the entire roster. the players move around their characters like chess pieces, if two characters meet in the same area they will fight, if several characters from the same zaibatsu meet they will fight 1vs1 with the ability to change between both/all characters during the fight, a 2vs1 fight for example means that the 1 will have to fight 2 others one after the other, the best way to play the destroyal is to avoid areas where teams have gathered. the destroyal will have a limited amount of moves, and is over when no one has any moves left, the winner has the most characters left, is the only zaibatsu left or has won the last fight in the case of having one of the few characters left.

welp, that's it for another haberdashery! if you have anything to say on this subject, like a mode or character of your own to add, just bold Bloody roar 5 in your reply.

what's next? well, I had another idea but I forgot, so I'll go into a theory/discussion next time, what's covered is Watamote, particularly whether the main character, Tomoko Kuroki is gay or not, I'm shaking thinking about it, but I'll have to watch a lot of watamote to bring my points up, mainly about Tomoko's behaviour around certain characters. binging watamote should come with a warning....

oh and don't forget this
the EU copyright reform is an incredibly heavy handed piece of legislation, deeming websites and other entities will have to pay to use any material - snapshots, music, videos, anything you'd share on the internet will be withheld by copyright holders. as my readers know, my haberdashery is full of images and videos I did not create and I do not own, and, as far as I know, AUKN is non profit and doesn't really make money other than to support the website, they aren't going to pay the asking price to large cooperations so that we can share certain things on the forums, that would also mean I'd have to shut down the haberdashery as the videos and images I use for visual examples will basically be illegal! please, contact you MEP before the end of june and tell them you don't want draconian legislation to ruin sharing on the internet!