The sports-other-than-football thread!

Blimey, this thread is long dormant, but I just had to revive it after what I just watched.
Minnesota Vikings (my team in the NFL) were losing with seconds left and miles from the End Zone, but came up with a winning play!


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Really enjoyed the final of the Lakeside darts yesterday - partly because as a Teessider I was hoping Glen Durrant would retain the title - but also because it was a really great match, going out down to the deciding set, with Durrant recovering from 2-0 in legs down to win 4-2.
This will probably garner some wierd replies, but I've always liked the sound that snooker balls make as they "clack" together...

I don't mind watching snooker if it's on. I try to catch the football now and again (though I prefer the bigger tournies like the Euros and the World Cup). Tennis - I do enjoy Wimbledon. As a Welsh person it appears to be a prerequisite to like rugby...

However, I don't XD

Ian Wolf

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Only just noticed that my last comment in this thread was about the darts at Lakeside, and I’m about to mention it again - the women’s championship was gone to Japan. The winner was “Miracle” Mikuru Suzuki, the first person from Asia to take part in the tournament, and who played using soft-tip darts on a much harder board the Japanese normally use. Interesting walk-on music she uses - Babymetal followed by Baby Shark.
Chelsea fan. (Azar comes from Hazard) Lewis Hamilton fan. Ronnie O'sullivan fan. Andy Murray fan. Patriots fan. 😍

I seem like a glory hunter i know but im honestly not! Just lucky. 😝
When did you first support them? If it's before 2000 then I'll believe you 😜
BTW Go Chargers! Glad the Eagles won last year, even if they did stuff my team in play-offs.
2004 Super Bowl was my first time watching American Football and i just randomly started rooting for them that night. Plus i was a big Family Guy fan at the time (Peter Griffin is a Pat and they had Tom Brady guest star)

I only really watch the Superbowl each year mostly, but from what I have seen i dont fancy our chances much!