The sports-other-than-football thread!

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It seems a good idea ot have a thread for all the other sports which aren't football, speaking as someone who supports Durham CCC.

So, the Grand National is the main event of the day. Anyone having a flutter?
Good idea, was thinking about this myself some time back.

I got four today on the National, more than ever before: Ballabriggs, Seabass, Synchronised & Planet Of Sound.

Had £8 lying in an online account untouched, so basically all in, evenly split each way, hopefully something good comes!

Mum was in the bookies early this morning and told me she would pay for a single each-way bet, chose On His Own, so that makes five!
I've bet on Seabass and On His Own as well. I've also bet on Chicago Grey and Organised Confusion (that one is each way).
Sister had Organised Confusion too, Mum chose Shakalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaboomboom or something like that.

Anyone see F1 Chinese GP qualifying this morning, Rosberg comes does 1:35 and comes straight back and is already heading to the bar as cool as you like with a pole! I thought it was kind of awesome!

Vettel Definitley seems to be in an unhappy place at the moment, seems to have lost that sparkle, really not having good times with his car!
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Now that was an amazing finish! I've never seen anything that close before.

Annoyingly I didn't win anything.

I'm just hoping that whoever or whatever was the black tenting is alright.

EDIT - It wasn't alright. Two horses died: Synchronised and According To Pete.
Had a go on the Grand National at work as usual. Picked the same horse as last year, Ballabriggs (what are the odds on that?). Didn't win this year and sad to hear another 2 horses have died like last year.
Recovered £5 from £8 spent, great race to watch though.

But, Sad news about the horses who have had to be destroyed, overall this weekend has turned into quite a tragic one for Sport especially after what happened in Italy.
Nico Rosberg did an awesome job this morning and absolutely dominated, well done to the guy! Other than that really enjoyed the battle for 2nd/3rd that went on some time towards the end!

Ian Wolf said:
Regarding the F1 it is good to see Japan's Kamui Kobayashi get third. He may well get his first podium finish.

Yeah, shame It didn't happen for him today, really enjoying seeing Sauber do well this season so far, also anyone who has one of these is probably awesome!

I'm a fan of MotoGP, though keep missing the races for one reason or another (working weekends etc)...

I like Squash and have a Marathon to Run next Sunday (Greater Manchester Marathon), which is my first (and only) one which I'm doing as a challenge as much as to raise a little cash for British Heart Foundation :)

Other than running I'm starting to cycle a bit more and started doing airsoft with some guys from work lol...

Like to be busy :)
Has anyone been watching the snooker? Nice to see Stephen Hendry getting a 147 on the very first day. Can help but wonder if it ends up as being the best moment of the entire tournament and everything else is an anticlimax.
Yeah, has been pretty good so far. Higgins nearly-but-not-quite going out was annoying, and the ending to Allen/Cao was nuts. Still loads of snooker left to play, but Hendry's maximum was indeed a great start!
It's good to see so many non-UK players in this year's tournament as well: Irish, Australian, Chinese, Hong Kongers, Belgian. Let's hope a Japanese player appears in the final soon. I wonder if there is a snooker manga?