The Retro Games Thread


Hi I’m a huge mega drive fan. Have around 5 consoles including a multimega and mega sg (which I’ve given to my sister). I’ve sunk a lot of capital into buying games but haven’t bought any since 2017. Don’t have any ultra rare games but wouldn’t bother buying any now with the price of retro gaming.

Some of my more treasured games are Streets of rage 3, Shinobi 3, Golden axe 3, Phantasy Stars 2-4, Soleil, Probotector, TMNT and Surging Aura. I’ve also got a copy of Paprium which is an interesting game.

Professor Irony

Nice. I casually looked at buying both Shinobi 3 and Probotector a while back, but the prices are through the roof right now, so I don’t think it‘s something I’d go for. Might get a repro cart for Probotector at some point, I dunno.

Don’t think I’ve got anything massively rare for the MD either, but in my treasure chest I do have Gunstar Heroes, as well as Snatcher and Keio Flying Squadron for the Mega CD.