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Death Scythe
I've been meaning to make this post for a while now but after a recent rummage in my loft I've taken some pictures of some of my gaming collection.

The purpose of the tread is to show your old games and consoles anything really up to PlayStation 2, original xbox and Game Cube.

Show is your pick up any bargains or just discuss your old games. Anyhow to kick thinks off these are my Mega drive Games (sadly I sold my old console with a large collection many years ago) I've just picked these up over time.
Next up is my Saturn collection which im trying to add to at the moment
My Dreamcast Collection (id like to add a few titles to this)
Next Up is the Working designs Lunar Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue complete, both pretty rare these days
lunaredit.jpg And the Grandia 3 Collection on PS2, this was an import and includes the soundtrack and the game
I have a load of PS2 games as well but didn't have time to dig these out.


AUKN Staff
I have a collection of retro games but it's all digital aside from some PS2 games and a few N64 games, one being a boxed copy of Goldeneye. Thanks to the PSN store and Nintendo's virtual console I've had the chance to play a lot of great titles in the best possible quality.
Also have a SNES classic pre-ordered so there's that too. I'll show it off when (if) it arrives

Great thread idea btw love a bit of retro gaming

Professor Irony

Cursed Image
Wouldn't call myself a serious collector, but I've got a few bits people might be interested in.

Snatcher cost me more than I care to remember, but I truly love it. Some day I'll need to get a justifier light gun for the full experience. Also X is still my favourite Metal Slug, even though 3 is more sophisticated in every way. I think what does it for me is that you end up putting aside your differences with the enemy soldiers to join forces against the aliens instead.

Got some more things as well, but I'll need to dig them out first.

Next Up is the Working designs Lunar Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue complete, both pretty rare these days
Shinji face. Shinji face everywhere.


Mad Scientist
I still think to this day that Goldeneye 4 player split screen was/is one of the best multi-player games ever.
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