The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

As some of who will know, I have written a book all about CLAMP which is all ready to go to the publisher as soon as the money I raised via Kickstarter arrives.

This is a book that is now going to get a little bit of a rewrite - xxxHOLiC Rei will be returning in 2023!

Interesting, I'll probably go and see that. Never did manage to see the stage adaptation of Princess Mononoke that was on years back (or, indeed, the stage adaptation of Spirited Away but I think that's only been put on in Tokyo so far)
Wasn't sure where was a god place to post this but it is news and it will affect anime streaming

BBC News - Streaming services facing tighter regulation in UK broadcasting shake-up
Going by the article the new proposed regulations would only apply to tv like services with a broad catalog like Netflix or Disney+ as opposed to specialist services like Crunchyroll.