The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)


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Let me join in on that take and also give you some less than ideal news: it's been implied that Ed is in, but I don't know why they're being secretive about the casting...

Really wondering how they mixed the various storylines across the runtime, considering this will be 10 1-hour long episodes, which gave them enough time to adapt the whole thing, if that's what they were aiming for. Also looking forward to the fight scenes!

Spike with a poncho 🤤
Ah fair enough. If she does return I hope they tone down her energy. There's only so much eccentricity I can accept lol

Also hoping they mix in some new stories instead of making it a straight adaptation. Just to set it apart from the original.


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I don't think you're going to get what you're expecting, we're taking about a corporation making a mainstream safe adaptation who has already toned down Faye's outfit.

You're not going to get a non-binary actor which may cause negative press. I predict they will age up the character to close to 18 and be played by a regular actress.


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I loved Faye's outfit in the anime but I don't have a problem with them changing it for the live-action either as IRL there would be a risk of wardrobe malfunctions and stuff (also chafing 😭). It's interesting to me though cuz I'm a woman and I can think of some things I wear that are revealing in that they're quite skintight but don't really run the risk of revealing what's beneath it, so I guess they could have gone with something like that? (like a pair of slip shorts in a nice yellow with lace edges or something?)

João Gomes

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I appreciate people may like it, I just think it's such a non-outfit, it's so weird. I think what bothers me the most is how non-practical it is.

Another pet peeve of mine would be high heels in action sequences, that scheise drives me mad lol


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@Azar @Gemsy-chan: Sad, really, to think that it's coming to an end after all this time. On the other hand, it's probably better to give it a proper conclusion. 28 (?) volumes is a good run and I imagine that Touya Mikanagi is probably ready to start a new series. (Her cover art is so beautiful!)

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I have zero interest in Demon Slayer, but I'm really hoping they eventually offer a selection of Fate goodies in their international lineup, if they haven't already depleted them all through years of their domestic sales. More than likely it will just be stuff from their new series going forward.

And of course I hope they don't take too long to open sales up to you guys in the UK and EU!


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it's been implied that Ed is in, but I don't know why they're being secretive about the casting...

Maybe (I like to look for the simplest reason) it's to surprise the people out there who haven't seen the anime and don't know about Ed (there must be some poor sad deluded people who haven't immersed themselves in the Cowboy Bebop universe). Still not gonna get me subscribing to Netflix, though. :)