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Death Scythe
After reading 7 volumes of the manga, it's about as remote to ASV as it can get, except for perhaps the tone of the underlying things to be said about human beings. ASV was a whole deal more approachable though, as it's closer to real life, while that one just kinda feels like "ancient history", but unlike Otoyomegatari, it's a fantasy supernatural ancient history sorts of setting. And with a lot of Hiob-styled gutpunches one after another.


Death Scythe
Erm where's Thorfinn? Tbf i haven't seen the anime yet but it's hard to believe they messed him up that badly.

Attack on Titan no AotY nom?

I love Chika but Kaguya deserves a nom too.


Death Scythe
He's pretty one note in the arc covered by the anime. It's the next arc he has some character growth.
Askeladd wins the arc hands down as the best character.

Still got to be a better choice than that muscly guy from Dumbbells though....

Legoshi would of been a good choice but Netflix screwed his chances. Maybe next year.
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Flame Haze
Still got to be a better choice than that muscly guy from Dumbbells though....
Ah, Best Boy not Protagonist, had to check the list. That's fine, again Thorfinn's attitude during most of the arc wouldn't really fit that category, he would if it was just the young Thorfinn before his dad was killed and he turned in revenge fueled emo rage machine!
Yes but that’s why I wouldn’t call him an antagonist due to his arc.
No I wouldn't either, much more nuanced than that. I haven't had time to check the list, but I'm sure there's plenty to complain about, and the results probably will bring more.


Great Teacher
Shortlist for Crunchyroll's Anime Awards announced.

Wow, not one nomination for Machikado Mazoku or Hitoribocchi no marumaru seikatsu.

Haha at including Ymir & Historia in best couple. They know this nominee is nonsense, because the included image is from season 2 and they have no scenes in S3.

I would put Shamiko & Momo in best couple instead.

I would remove Isekai Quartet from best comedy and put Bocchi in there instead.

Girls with Guns

Dragon Knight
Well, I can't even vote for anything in this Awards list - Either I haven't seen the series yet, can't watch the series because of exclusivity, or I have no interest in the series. Sigh.