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Grav's End Harem
AUKN Staff
New trailer for Interspecies Reviewers has been released. The broadcast and streams will also offer both regular and uncensored versions in Japan.

Disclaimer: The video is not safe for work.

Animated by studio Passione (High School DxD HERO, The Island of Giant Insects, Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-).
Directed by Yuki Ogawa (FLCL Progressive, Miru Tights).
Series Composition Written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Dropkick on My Devil!, Girls' Last Tour).
Character Designs Drawn by Makoto Uno (Witchblade, The Qwaser of Stigmata, High School DxD Hero).
Music Composition by Kotone Uchihigashi.


A big feature on the BBC about anime, interviewing Helen McCarthy.

Yea, it took me a few days to read through this thanks to work and stuff, but the few problems I have with this is;

- I’ll just be honest with my first point, my bias against the BBC covering anime. It’s often dishonest, wrong or clearly lacks proper research

- the entire first paragraph is the plot of totoro, most of the images of anything to do with anime are totoro, it’s like it’s the only thing that’s been looked at when there is so much to choose from and look into

- on the totoro point again, totoro doesn’t make anime mainstream now, when it was released it was already quite popular I believe, everyone was already aware of it

- the last paragraph is about Game of Thrones, I get they are trying to make a “geek sphere” link but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t really have much of a connection to other stuff in the article

- I do like that they did mention Netflix, Netflix is one of the biggest pushers to get more anime, streaming has absolutely helped with awareness and availability

- there’s a paragraph that suggests animation is a cheaper option than live action. I can’t laugh hard enough

would have liked to see them list more steaming sites, like ones available in the UK, add more of what people are watching now and if they really want to mention something as old as totoro, they could have mentioned more about GitS and Akira, or some of the other classic IPs, they should have done that instead of the first paragraph

anyway, highly critical rant over


State Alchemist
- the last paragraph is about Game of Thrones, I get they are trying to make a “geek sphere” link but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t really have much of a connection to other stuff in the article
I dunno, I think it's a fair point and probably worth mentioning in the context of how things have changed with regards to becoming "mainstream". Over the last decade tons of things previously seen as the preserve of geeks and nerds (and very often mocked and derided as such) are now considered perfectly okay for mainstream audiences to enjoy - It's one of the things that has caused a lot of the online culture war sh*te, which while incredibly tiresome I do find at least partially understandable. When a mass of new people come into a niche hobby and in some of the worse cases, attempt to influence its direction and, once again, mock and deride the established fans it's quite a maddening experience. I'm very happy that hasn't happened with anime (yet) but it's happened with pretty much everything else and is why I'm not a huge fan of things I enjoy becoming mainstream. I appreciate small, highly invested communities much more than masses of casuals.


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Ascendence of a Bookworm gets an OVA

An OVA is being produced that is set to bridge Part 1, and Part 2 of the anime.
This OVA will be bundled with the Special Edition Part 5 volume 1 Light Novel in Japan.

Releases 10th March 2020