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Back from watching.
I can't help but ask myself with that show: "Just how in the world do these survive without being eaten?!" oo;
No idea where this would go but I thought that it might be of interest:


The Japan Times gave it 3 1/2 stars and ANN gave it an overall B, so while it doesn't look like a masterpiece the NeoGAF post may be a bit hyperbolic.

Still, I think it should be a rule that no Iwai-related anime gets licensed until his Love Letter, April Story, Swallowtail Butterfly, All About Lily Chou Chou and Hana and Alice do. Wonderful films, the first two are up there with the very best of the 90s.
I really do hope it turns out well, I'm interested in checking it out, however personally I don't give much stock to ANN when it comes to...anything, I do share your love for Iwai's films however!
Might be of interest to many here:
We have recently been subject to an online security breach. We are taking this extremely seriously and wanted to provide you with details of the situation and how it might affect you. We also wanted to reassure you that we are investigating this as a priority and are taking a number of measures to prevent this from happening again.
Perfect Blue is going to be shown in cinemas on Halloween.

Perfect Blue - Fetch Publicity
I have the dates for all of ALs cinema screenings up until Christmas, my local independent cinema revealed the dates as they did a 5 movie season ticket for €45 starting with Napping Princess.

Perfect Blue is a masterpiece, but I do wonder what the current Blu-Ray transfer would look like blown up on an even bigger screen. It really needs a 4K do-over, unless there are any 35mm prints floating around.