The *Im looking for* thread.


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Jojos bizarre adventure super action statues and In good condition if anyone has them?
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Completely Average High School Student
Looking for Bleach series 10, either complete or parts 1 and 2. Willing to pay a ridiculous price to complete the collection 😞

Shadow Cat

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How do people buy Used US vita games?

Looking for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X US Vita Cartridge

I see some on Ebay, but after global charges its like $50 for a single Cartridge




I'm looking for

WorldEnd Blu-ray
Tsugumomo Blu-ray
Knight's & Magic Blu-ray

Looking for decent used prices on these. (Try to keep it below £30)


Captain Karen
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Well Ive ordered a number of titles for myself so it shouldn't be much.
Especially if a few people order.
5 titles last month came to $25 so additional titles added with mine shouldn't be that much.
Ah, okay. Just let me know when you order and how much it'll be total. Cheers!

Denny Fisher

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I alphabetize the list and removed the ones that have been requested.
Awaiting info on new game and dragonball super 7

Basilisk Ouka Ninja Scrolls Part One sealed $30
Bikini Warriors Complete Series Essentials $10 sealed
Buddy Complex Funimation Sub Essentials sealed $15
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Part 1 $20 sealed
Chio's School Road Complete Series $28
Daimidaler Prince vs Penguin Empire Complete Series Essentials sealed $15
Dimension W Season One Essentials $10 sealed
Divine Game Complete Series Essentials $10 sealed
Dragon Ball Super Part 7 $20
Freezing Seasons 2 Essentials $10 sealed
Garo: Vanashing Line Part 2 $15 sealed
Grimgar Complete Series Essentials $10 sealed
Haruchika Complete Series Essentials $10 sealed
Junji Ito Collection Complete Series $30
Kakuriyo Bed & Breakfast for Spirits Season 1, Part 2 $30
Katana Maidens Part 2 $30
Kokkoku Complete Collection $27
Land of the Lustrous Complete Collection sealed $24
Luck & Logic Complete Series Essentials $10 sealed
Magic of Stella $15 sealed
Maken-ki! Season 2 Essentials $10
Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Complete Series sealed $30
Monster Hunter Stories Ride On Season 1 Part 3 Blu-Ray (very good) $15
New Game! Seasons 1 & 2 sealed $35
No Game, No Life: Zero Blu-Ray (Sealed) $10
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl 4 Film Collection Sealed $15
Pokemon Season One/Indigo League sealed $20
Pokemon The Power of Us Sealed $15
Pokemon: I Choose You Blu-Ray (very good) $10
Pride of Stride: Alternative Essentials $10 sealed
Puzzles x Dragons Part 3 Blu-Ray (very good) $15
Sankarea Complete Series Essentials Sealed $10
Soul Eater Complete Series Classics sealed $30
Touken Ranbu Season Two $15 sealed
We Without Wings Season One Essentials $10 sealed
Yurikuma Arashi Complete Series Essentials $10
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Denny Fisher

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How bloody annoying.

I just received a response

Hey Denny a quick update someone wants to buy my entire anime collection so I may not be able to get those Funimation titles to your friend. If the deal falls through then I'll be more than happy to sell them to you.

Oh-no! 😭
The anime forum members won't be happy and they might cancel there orders. I wish you had told me this a couple of hours ago.
When is this transaction is supposed to happen.

Deal is supposed to go down on Friday.

Denny Fisher

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@Denny Fisher is it touken ranbu hanamaru season 2?
It should be.

I'm a bit ticked off. hopefully it falls though and people continue to request titles.
I'm going to see if I can twist his arm and see if he'll accept payment if I buy them now.

This was supposed to be my good deed for the year. Its not going so well now.

Sorry guys.


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Kakuriyo Bed & Breakfast for Spirits Season 1, Part 2, shouldn’t this be Part 1 as the second part will only be released in September?