The *Im looking for* thread.


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An updated list:

I'm looking for:
Attack on Titan Season One parts 1 and 2 [Limited Editions with the artbox]

RIN Daughter of the Mmenosyne Blu Ray (with slipcover)

Yu Yu Hakusho Seasons 2 and 3 Blu Rays (with slipcovers)

Any Discotek releases, especially SD BD, with a handful of exceptions.
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Due to the sentai sale reminding me.

I'm looking for

Diabolik Lovers [Blu-ray]
Diabolik Lovers More Blood [Blu-ray]

I want these for my vampire collection, but not because I think they are good so want to get them for cheap.


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Any good offers on a complete LittleAny good offers on a complete Little Busters set, that may come close of the MVM 2017 Christmas Bundle Collection offer? Busters set, that may come close of the MVM 2017 Christmas Bundle Collection offer?


I'm looking for Discotek Media titles, I already have a sizable collection of their BDs and DVDs but there is still alot I don't have and would like to get.

I just bought some stuff so I don't have alot of money right now but if you have any Discotek titles you might be interested in offloading then hit me up with a PM. :)

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Hi guys all your USA releases came today.
As my local post office is closed for another 2 weeks there may be a delay in the time I can dispatch them.
Ill be going out today but I'm also very busy with hospital appointments this week.


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That's a good option. I might see if anyone on the forum wants to go in with me for a rightstuf order to cut down the cost of shipping and stuff
I may be interested, let me check the deals during my lunch break and see if there’s anything I really want.


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Hi all.

Looking for:

Samurai Girls BD
Toradora BD
Haganai BD (US)
Haganai NEXT (US)
Heaven's Lost Property: The Angeloid of Clockwork BD (US)
Air Gear DVD (US)
School Days BD (US)
Baka and Test DVD (US S.A.V.E.)