The *Im looking for* thread.

I need only 3 more titles to finally complete my blu ray collection.

Gunbuster movie 1
Love live season 2
Sakura trick

feel free to message me if you have these titles and would like to trade.
I have one I may be tempted to sell. It's got a little damage on some of the corners of the box but everything else is fine. If you're interested I'll post some pictures.
Feel free to PM me over some pics. I'm mainly looking as an upgrade to my NIS standard edition so it would depend on Price/Condition


Also in search of Volumes 1-3 of Gokkun! Pucho (Pixie Pop)
Looking for Gargantia Amy Nendoroid and the UK BD.

Also interested in JPN Import for Gargantia BDs as well, but I don't really have funds for this right now
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Whenever I see photos of your stuff laid out so neatly on the purple pile, I'm always imagining a cheesy gameshow voiceover complete with a glamorous assistant in a glittery dress who "shows off" the prize.

*cues episode 15 of Ergo Proxy* 😁
*cues episode 1 of Dance in the Vampire Bund* 😁

Lol, those are just my trademark Purple Carpet™ photos taken over the past 5 years on the area rug in the front part of my home theater room... the room is finished in shades of purple, plum, lilac, and periwinkle. The carpet is actually more of a burgundy color, but the camera flash makes it appear much more purple in my close-up anime photos.

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Omg the speaker in the centre looks like a cute face! 😮

aw, unfortunately that photo is about 6 years old, and I have a different center channel speaker now - it's all black and the grill doesn't come off to show the speakers. I also keep the black grills on the big speakers, I only took them off here to take the photo. Also, that is a 6-sheet Avatar movie poster in individual frames mounted on the wall; the motorized 120" projection screen is raised up inside it's housing in that photo. This is where I watch all my anime with my friends and neighbors! 🎬
Must be a well maintaned carpet... I would never put anything directly to the ground (carpet or not), unless there is at least a cardbox inbeween.