The *Im looking for* thread.


Thousand Master
Empty Blu-ray cases holding 3 discs, 11mm width.
(Empty Blu-ray cases holding 3 discs, 15mm width)
in bulk sale e.g. somewhat inexpensive and big enough quantity to warrant shipping.

The first case specs are basically what Sentai usually uses on 2-cour shows (e.g. their Ghost Hound BD release) or some occasional Discotheks and Funimations, if there is 1BD and 2 DVDs. Since the post here just about almost always screws up one way or another I'd like to have a reserve for all sizes. I already have a haul of empty cases for 1disc, 2disc at both 11mm and 15mm and 4discs at 15mm. (The latter I get from Funi combo releases when I remove the DVDs.)
But 3 discs cases appears to be quite obscure. 15mm is kind of really expensive in comparison and 11mm is a size I totally couldn't even find on ebay where I got my other 2disc cases.


Thousand Master
Oh damn, I forgot to mention the shipping part. (To UK, Germany or Switzerland.) They seem to come from the US, so shipping is pretty much a killer. @_@"
But thanks for the effort!


Thousand Master
Personally I've used Iwonatec from Heinsberg, Germany before to order all kind of cases to replace damaged one. Good experience, but the search on their website is lacking though.

14mm cases, couldn't find any 3 discs 11mm cases on their website though. Might help to contact them about this.

Shipping costs to Germany is 2,99€ so I guess that's OK :)


Dandy Guy, in Space
Don't suppose anyone is selling AoA's Garden of Sinners: Recalled out Summer Blu-ray? I've seen it in the Rightstuf sale for $49.98 but with shipping and customs I think it'll end up being quite expensive.
Phantasy Star Online 2 the Animation [Blu-ray]

I'm looking for a copy on the cheaper side of things since at the moment I could buy the JP BDs used for the same cost it would be to buy the US BD new.
Kinos Journey AL DVD, Beck AL DVD happy to trade for either of them. I got a lot of dupes coming from the AL sale so if there is something you wanted maybe let me know and see if we can do a swap?