The *Im looking for* thread.

Denny Fisher

Vampire Ninja
The ones I will be taking are
Dusk maiden of amnesia
Kokoro connect series and ova

The rest will be up for trade or sale.
I'll let you guy know when the arrive. Screenshot_2018-09-19-18-40-57-1.pngScreenshot_2018-09-19-18-42-06-1.pngScreenshot_2018-09-19-18-42-01-1.png


Mostly around the £10-£20 mark.
I am hoping to break even. Probably won't.
Or trades as I still need alot.
Okay thanks, have my eyes on Humanity Has Declined, the Little Busters sets and Blue Spring Ride so I'll submit my interest in those for now.

Denny Fisher

Vampire Ninja
What I'll do is price them up and when they arrive, the ones requested I'll give first dibs.
Is that fair? If not, give me some ideas to be fair.

Thanks guys
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Dragon Knight
I'd be interested in Kids on the Slope and Shirobako 1&2 so lemme know once they arrive and you know what you want for them and we can go from there. Cheers.