The *Im looking for* thread.

So appreantly Hibike Euphonium Part 1 vom PonyCan went OOP. Any head ups for finding that for a decent price or should I rather bide my time and wait for Japanese Complete Box? =X


Captain Karen
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Don't suppose anyone has a US copy of Black Butler: Book of Murder they'd be willing to trade for an Australian copy? I have a US copy of Circus and Atlantic, so the inconsistency is bugging me.
I'm happy to swap my US release if you want. My Black Butlers are a mix anyway. The first 2 seasons are Classics in slips, Book of Circus is the AL CE. Book of Murder is in a 11mm thin case but doesn't have a slip (which bugs me more than a madman logo :)). PM your address.
Yes I'm fully aware it's not English friendly. I don't mind the release being that. It's got the Japanese audio on it and I know Japanese. (And I've studied Korean for half a year, which I ever meant to pick up again somewhen, Hyouka might get me pull a Purigota on the language Nodame-style.)
But I'm mostly after all that artwork, especially that artbook book there. (Japan made it so, that if you want all the artwork, you'd be buying this 3 times, one BD, one DVD LE, one DVD simple) with all those special chipboxes (which aren't the same for the BD and DVD LE releases despite their covers otherwise be the same) and then you'd still not have the promo key illustrations. ;___;
And AL opted to make their booklet more like a material collection than an artbook.

I am fighting with getting this some way right now. I saw the WTK Tweet yesterday, too and have been digging into forwarding service and whatnot. I totally miss an addon like rikaichan for Korean. Knowing Japanese grammar does help navigating through Korean language, but not knowing where a words starts and stops doesn't help deciphering it, much at all. Also it appears to sound a bit complicated with that I don't really understand if that's supposed to be a limited amount preorder (google translation limits...) or not, also you need to preorder that, but it gets shipped in late August when vol. 4 is released and whether forwarding service will manage with that, besides with BIJ having just simply lost one of my books when forwarding my package my mood against forwarding services is a bit so-so. @__@"

I had hoped somebody might know some other English friendly shop that might simply offer it. =X