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During big clean come across a photo album that has not seen the light of day for the best part of 30 years

and some emotions expressed which is a definite rarity

Funnily my mum and my own photos are the same. Cats, ourselves looking emo, and the ocassional pose


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I had a nice little trip to the North East to escape the chaos around London for the Kings events (and also sounds like escaping the wet weather). On Saturday when on an old railway line walk I took a little detour to visit the Angel, for it was quite big!


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I wouldn't call 62 ancient! :)

It's fairly ancient for someone to still be a rabid anime otaku, lol. ;)

*Old man yelling at clouds: "Listen here you young whippersnappers, when I was a kid I had to walk 5 miles uphill both ways in 3 feet of snow just to get to my friend's house so we could watch the first US anime broadcasts of Astro Boy and Speed Racer on his family's black and white moving picture tube contraption, way back in those ancient 1960's!"

Ah well, now here in the present, with all the aches and pains and ailments and incision scars and medications and doctor's appointments, I certainly am feeling ancient... 👨‍🦽
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Just done a pre-recorded interview for a position in the DWP. it was the most stressful thing i had ever done. It was so unnatural talking to a camera and not an actual person. I sounded awful and stilted in my answers.

Don't think i'll be getting that job.
Right, time to give this another shot. My motivations for doing this are pure and just (I want to read Yuri Hime every month without relying on scanslators). It was inevitable that I would grow dissatisfied with what crumbs were doled out to me. A true yuri maniac must go to the source and feed directly on that sweet nectar, and for that to happen she must first face the hardship of learning an entire language for dubious motivations. I will ascend damn it!
Probably very late on this but best of luck learning Japanese, I tried it once but didn't manage it in the end; though I did pick up some understanding of it, for instance I can make out that the katakana on the bottom right says Suri-e- network (not sure what the former word is trying to say exactly), anyway, katakana's the easiest part as it's usually just English with a very thick accent, Kanji on the other hand.

Oh and (very belated) happy birthdays @D1tchd1gger and @Vincentdante.
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