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Shadow Cat

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It doesn't look best on the vita imo, I usually get those kind of games to the ps4 but if you have an Xbone doing nothing might as well do that. Which DoA are you looking for?
Really dont know.

Just looking for recommendations at what games good for someone who hasn't played a fighting game since Tekken 3 on the PS1 :)

Denny Fisher

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Well I hurt all over
261 holes to drill in concrete
39 shelves - 21up

Day 1- 126 holes done 😇
135 left 😭

Then I need to take them all down to re skim the walls. Then paint. Then done. So much to do!


Combat Butler
Really dont know.

Just looking for recommendations at what games good for someone who hasn't played a fighting game since Tekken 3 on the PS1 :)
DOA 5 is pretty good. I've not played 6, but I had fun with 5 (PS4). Not too complex, not too simple either.

Tekken 7 (PS4) is really good too. I'd never played a Tekken before, but I'm really into 7. There are very simple combos (which you can turn off if you think it makes things too easy) and the usual more complicated ones. Absolutely loads of characters too - all the DLC (including Noctis from FF XV and Negan from The Walking Dead) is in the current PS Store sale.

I'm not massively into fighting games (stuff like Blazblue melts my brain), but Tekken 7 is really accessible and fun.


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This painting of Shakespeare from the 1670s totally looks like it could be the cover of a manga/anime today! Has anyone made a manga about him?
It's not about him but hes caricatured in the Romeo x Juliet anime



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I'm currently suffering from a blister on the bottom of my foot (mainly caused by the long walk I did on the 8th May when I hit some deeper than expected mud on a footpath), so there was no walking for me this last weekend (other than a trip to Danebury on Friday). Mainly as I didn't want to risk the blister in popping which could cause more issues, but I'm feeling the lack of activity today mentally [Exploring random rights of way in this area was a good way to get some "me-time", fresh air and quiet]

There is only so much telly you can watch, intercepted with relaxing in the garden with a (blister) plaster on the foot trying to get it to heal faster


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Had some fun assembling a compost bin over the weekend and managed to fill it up with branch & grass cuttings.

Wish I got two of them now. :(


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Now what to do with these shelving units which cost me £250 each.
Put them on the other wall? Just move all your furniture to the center of the room, on a raised, round, motorized platform, and then you can select the anime you want from all the shelves around you while sitting on your bed or recliner slowly rotating - Anime In The Round! 😁

Maybe I ought to patent that idea... 🤔

Denny Fisher

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it's probably just me being too paranoid about nothing but i don't like that metal shelf being right above a radiator
I've live here 17 years and I never even turned it on.
It about half a foot away. Also the radiator can be lowered down the wall if I needed too.