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Thousand Master
No Serp, not so close to xmas! I wish you a speedy recovery!

I was wondering, do you guys ever do meets? I’d grab a train to somewhere if you did. You kinda forget how lonely you are when you have a partner. Now that’s gone...
Thanks. Today will be my first proper meal in 4 days lol; no booze or the homemade Xmas puddings I made for me though as my body is still struggling to recover (I have tried them though :p)

I've got a horrible cold in the aftermath, so has little'un for her first xmas but she's soldiering through it and enjoying herself.

Merry Christmas to all!


State Alchemist
Well, I got full refunds for the poor condition books I received (after providing photographic evidence of how shockingly awful they were) as well as instructions to simply recycle them or donate them to charity. “Very good condition” indeed - One of them I’m fairly confident even a charity shop would chuck straight in the bin, but I’m loathe to ever destroy books so I’ll probably hang on to them as reading copies while I keep an eye out for better ones to replace them.

Still waiting on the third book in the series from another seller, hopefully their idea of “very good condition” is better... This is why I mainly collect hardbacks, they’re considerably harder for people to destroy, but sadly some books never receive a hardback release.