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Just a heads up for those who have been waiting almost a year for HMV to sort their points system out, they have a new app that’s temperamental but finally worked for me this morning.
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CCG’s Reaper
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Only the 28th of October onwards, it seems. I dug through my rubbish only to find that the £40 I spent was on the 26th.
Yeah I realised that when I tried entering a receipt from a few days prior. Great job there...


State Alchemist
Tried to purchase what I thought was quite a clever .ie domain today for personal use, but it seems they’ll only sell them to actual Irish citizens or those with a close connection to Ireland. I don’t think “My great grandad was Irish” is gonna cut it. Still a bit miffed neither my dad nor my grandad took advantage of their ability to obtain Irish citizenship, which means I’m one generation too far removed to do so myself - An extra passport for an EU country sounds rather appealing right now.


Death Scythe
Hi all, how's it going?

Work seems to of unblocked here again which pleases me greatly.

What have you all been up to and got going on soon?

I'm going to Copenhagen on Friday for 3 nights. I cannot bloody wait. It's been on my list since last year and seeing as I've always wanted to check out Xmas Markets outside of the UK, it's 2 birds 1 stone for me :)


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Hi Danni, my life's particularly boring at the moment. It's just work for the most part but the about the most interesting thing I've got going on is the Promare showing at the end of the month and I've still gotta wait two weeks for that 😕
Its on at Showcase Manchester anyway.


Death Scythe
Oh I'm trying to make the 28th Nov showing of it! Odeon's also got a showing of Princess Kaguya on the 29th as well I may partake in.

Day 2 in the office and I'm sneezing my bum off, feel so ill and haggard. Stupid air con and people germs.

Sorry to hear life's boring but its something you can look to change for 2020 perhaps :)

Denny Fisher

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I've seen some really cool anime pictures and I'm thinking about having some made. (And sell on, even have custom ones made)
There like nothing Ive seen over here in the UK.
The only issue is size.
I was thinking A1 but the company that makes them biggest size is 50×70cm
Another issue is frames, I could have them made over there but if you want you own it's going to be an issue.
What would be the optimal size.


This is an apology. I'm sorry for posting links from one angry gamer During the vic mignogna controversy I don't know the site creator is a card Carying nazi.i found out from a video by a YouTuber called pigpuncher and I didn't post the video because I think it may break the forums rules because there's lots far right dog whistles are used in that video.
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