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Mods may want to put this as it's own subject, but...

comicon! is there any word more pleasing to the human soul?
my shutterbug brother wants to go to cardiff's comicon next week, but it doesn't seem to have a very good line-up of anyone, they have someone who was a storm trooper in star wars... it's also the opening weekend of captain marvel, despite what some people may have heard the backlash is a few thousand people, there are still potentially millions of people who'de want to see CM.
So I ask you, geeks, friends...
what do you think of next week's con?
What a week... again
Any plans to go to comicon go up in smoke so no ones bothered anymore
The last job on drove me bats
Pretty much got nothing to do other than watch alita

How I look
At work

As soon as I get home


Shrine Maiden
They’re usually fairly quick, though I have no clue how they package Vinyl. I’d message them on their website and see if they can give you an update. It usually only takes them a couple of days to get items delivered to me in Hertfordshire.