The Football Thread


Jesus Motherf***ing Christ on a F***ing Bike, the curse strikes again! I had Mane as Triple Captain and he hobbles off in the first half, not the first player I've screwed over like that. Hopefully he plays next Wednesday, I need a hat-trick for any sort of decent week.
Meanwhile my opponent in our H2H league had Perez who scored 2 (his only 6th and 7th goals of the season and 3 of those were in that Saints match) and Pereira (who I took out for TAA!) with a goal and an assist. I have Vardy and Abraham who both also got injured!!!! He also has Salah as captain, I bet he scores. Actually if I put an actual bet on him scoring, he might break a leg 🤔
I think maybe it's time you faced facts, football doesn't seem to be your forte 🏐⚽❌


I think I really should give up on this season! I put in Mahrez and Aubameyang thinking about them playing 2 games and this cost me -4 points. Mahrez only played about half an hour and Aubameyang, who I made captain, did FA and then the second match got cancelled!
If I'd done nothing I would have got 3 from Dendoncker (coming off the bench for De Bruyne) and 11 from Vardy plus 13 from Mané who I would have kept as captain! So 27 minus the 1 point total I got from making those 2 subs would make my total 69! As it is I lost to the Average Score (again!) in our little league.


Completely Average High School Student
I'm having a bit of a comeback, but it seems to require a lot of micromanaging! With what's going on in world health, I can see lots of fixtures being postponed.