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I'm in a real dilemma on whether to get the new shirt because while it's one of the nicest we've seen for ages and I haven't bought a home kit for years now, I'm really hating the lack of ambition the board is showing. Might wait and see how they act during this transfer window.
I'm gonna buy the new kit 😂

The Arsenal board finally showed some goddamn ambition. Josh Kroneke said to be excited. I am now excited. Raul Sanllehi an absolute mastermind.
I'm not deluded enough to think this is going to immediately solve our problems and we're suddenly going to challenge for titles. I know it's gonna take time for the new players to gel into the team and to get used to the PL, but it's finally showing that the club are willing to rebuild in a better direction. Not a bad transfer window on a 45M budget 🤣
I actually think David Luiz is a decent signing too. I rated him more than Koscielny (hated the way he behaved btw. Really unprofessional)

I'm now anticipating the new season with a little more interest than before for sure. I still think we'll still be same old Arsenal, bottle jobs in big moments but hey, as long as I see more positive progress, I'll be happy.
NIce, I've a FPL leauge started for anyone interested and can DM the invite codes for anyone interested just let me know on here or discord to avoid randoms
Just thought I'd bump this. There's less than 24 hours till the start of the season!
I've joined, so I hope more of the people in this thread do too.


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Just thought I'd bump this. There's less than 24 hours till the start of the season!
I've joined, so I hope more of the people in this thread do too.
Yeah the more the merrier if I'm not online just ask Digger, Morbo or Patient X for the invite codes.

All time for fun and suffering ha ha ha.

I'll try reply if I can on here or the discord and hope everyone has fun XD.


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That’s GW1 done and dusted for FPL, though some of my team decisions didn’t work out as I hoped for, I’m happy with the 90 Points I got this GW, I feel it’s a solid start to take into GW2 and even if it doesn’t deliver points wise, it means pressure is off a little bit and I can focus on what I do with my team going forward, the plan is to leave my team as is for now and bank my free transfer and use 2 free transfers in GW3.



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Got to go to the Arsenal game today with my mate who's a season ticket holder. Was a really fun game and Ceballos was very very good! Also Luiz and Guendouzi had some hair telepathy going on. Both impressed.
Not a bad weekend for me. Got 2 more points than last weekend and was second highest scorer in the mini league. Only problem was that I played the highest scorer in the head-to-head 😭 still moved up the table due to someone else also losing their 2nd match, but now has less overall points than me!
Won my other 2 H2H games though and moved up in every league I'm in.


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I was relatively happy with my 49 points this week considering the team I had going in, a few decisions like captaincy choice didn’t pan out and the fact there was hardly any clean sheets about at all didn’t help (Digne saved me this week), but most of my team at least did bits sort of, have made my first transfers of the season and I’m happier with how my team looks going into GW3 than last so hoping for a nice score.

Friday 7pm deadline this gameweek!!


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Jinxed him for you by putting him in my team 😅😢
It's quite often the case, joint highest scoring defender so far though so it's a sound move either way, again another funny week for clean sheets, massive props to anyone who backed defenders from Villa, Southampton and Newcastle this week. 😂

Very happy that I decided to board the Pukki Plane to join the Pukki Party this week and both the big guns delivered again this week. My two free transfers (Perez, Wilson > Martial, Pukki) worked out okay, even though plan b transfers wise (Moura, Perez, Wilson > De Bruyne, Mount, Pukki for -4) would have got me slightly better results. Probably will look to use my free transfer this week with maybe a view to wildcarding next week. There are some really good mid-priced midfielders about so looking to get some money from defence and probably switch to a 5 man midfield, or I might hold on and just keep using my free transfers as and when neccesary, i would love to bank transfers but I do have issues with my team.


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Premier League is back yaaay, below average week in FPL boooo. 46 points with 1 still to play isn't great, but it's not been quite as disastrous as GW4 was. The forward line has really saved me this week with almost half of my points coming from them alone, was considering benching or even selling Pukki this week but that won't be happening again anytime soon, what a legend! Defence though... :rolleyes:.

Anyway, 1 Week later than originally planned the Wildcard is out!! Entire defence is on the chopping block and I'm hoping some of the money from that will help to fund some new options in Midfield/Forward.
I didn't do a transfer for once and hey presto best week yet and with 1 still to play!
I did however leave Cantwell on the bench again and he went on to score again! and picked the wrong captain, would have got 13 extra points for Mane instead of Sterling.

2 free transfers next with a little cash in the bank to play with. I'll probably look at my defence as well.