The Evangelion thread


Mad Scientist
I'd probably enjoy the original series as a whole more if it followed Lemon's idea 😕
Not a fan of Shinji, then, dude? 😆

Like Misato knowing what lilith is.. means she is complicit with SEELE which then makes here WILLE group weirder.
I... can't agree with that. The extent of Misato's knowledge of Lilith in 1.11 is only what NERV has told her. She probably really doesn't know anything beyond what she explains to Shinji. Remember, in 2.22? Misato asks Kaji who this "SEELE" group are. Kaji knew more than Misato at this point.

Basically, Misato will have essentially been told "Our job is to protect the giant kept deep below NERV HQ from the Angels. If one reaches her, it's all over."


My opinions on the rebuild will strongly rely on if it’s ends well. The first two films are okay actions and the third one tries somrthing new and fails a bit. So does depend if the endings well. I dislike 2.22 a lot more than most people for example. Liked it first time as it’s mindless action really but then it I saw more of its faults.