~The avatar thread~

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I've sticked this thread; if the desktop thread is stickied, this one deserves to be, and it's useful for anyone who likes the look of someone's avatar but is not sure which anime it is from. ^_^

My new avatar is the oddly named Winner (better than other translations of it, believe me ;p) from the latest episode of Karin, purely because I liked how he looked at the start of the episode.


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My latest avatar is Ayumu Narumi from Spiral; out of laziness I randomly picked one I liked from FUNi's website so I'll probably change it to something else Spiral related soon.
Time for a change! A more minimalistic feel, this is Maya from Maya's Funeral Procession manga. She is the heroine and her forbidden love ends up in tragedy.*sniff* Shoujo-ai FTW. :wink:


My new avatar is a character from the long awaiting game from .hack. (.Hack//G.U.)
This is Tri-Edge, who (only by looks as far as I know) is a bad version of Kite (from the original games)


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In tune with my recent Kaleido Star obsesison heres an Anna avatar I lazily took from the ADV site until I can find something better for one.

EDIT: Now I have a better one courtesy of Necromancer! Thank You!


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New year, new avatar! And to fit in with my current obsession, it's Kiba from Wolf's Rain. If I can't get real snow, this will have to do :wink:


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The 'avatar master' Necromancer has provided me with a brand new Ayumu Narumi avatar...the Spiral obsession continues :)
The number of wonderful avatars, as always, is high. ^_^

Due to the kindness and general 1337ness of Necro, I've now acquired a gorgeous Marjory from Shakugan No Shana.
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