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Mini-Mariah said:
Seeing as D N Angel is my latest anime, I thought Ide change my avatar to Dark *tries to contain self*

PLEASE tell me it's the Japanese version! The dub Dark makes my skin crawl...*shivers*

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Melainy said:
Neko, your avatar is AWESOME! Where'd you get it? Or did you make it? Can you make me one??!?! :?

=x i jut went on google, went to images n typed in Bleach Avatars n it came up with that as 1 of them they had loads ofreally nice 1s =x


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Following the general trend I thought I'd give a Gravitation avatar a whirl. It was originally animated but the file size was too big :( Not entirely sure if I like this one yet though. I just really like Shuichi. There should be more people in the world like him :D
Ah, a Gravitation avatar, surely there are not enough of them around, but we can that solace in this one's quality. ;)

And Red, welcome to the inner circle. :p


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Chomolungma said:
Hybridchild said:
Thanks, its a great shot, perfect for making an avatar from.

Edit while im here may as well point out that my new one is Apollonius and Celiane from Aquarion

I love this avatar too; and I'm glad you've come back to the forums. ^_^

It's good to be back


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Red XIII said:
A new avatar for me today, to complement Chomo's Orphe I've gone for Ludwig from Meine Liebe.
Another really nice avatar from Meine Liebe, i think i might have to watch such a bishounen filled series :)
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