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I also picked up Magic Knight Rayearth Part 2. Purchased a variety of titles from the Rightstuf birthday sale too.
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Magical Girl
Well, after ordering Sailor Moon - Part 1 from WOWHD, I found a seller on eBay offering the first 3 seasons + 3 movies in a lot, so I bought the following:
  • Sailor Moon - Part 1 (again...)
  • Sailor Moon - Part 2
  • Sailor Moon R - Part 1
  • Sailor Moon R - Part 2
  • Sailor Moon S - Part 1
  • Sailor Moon S - Part 2
  • Sailor Moon R - The Movie
  • Sailor Moon S - The Movie
  • Sailor Moon Super S - The Movie
It ended up being around 60% of the new price from WOWHD, and I managed to get S - The Movie, which I can't find for a reasonable price (and being in stock).


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Coming to the Normanic Vault is...

Weathering With You
Deluxe Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & Blu-ray from Anime Limited

Better to grab it now and pay it off via PayPal than waiting.


Death Scythe
But also cant use screen anime code If I had one as NGE is probably the only thing I can see the saving be worth.
But we get the same percentage saving from Zavvi’s Red Carpet discount code so we don’t need to use the Screen Anime discount code for this one.


I know nobody who has signed up to that until now. Sadly as its focused on steenboks and most of the 4K Films I would much rather own normally and also Disney doing there boxsets being with amazon instead means I have no interest. I buy not much from AL even less from Zavvi.


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Coming to the Normanic Vault is...

(insert image of a Gundam riding a Unicorn)

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Collector's Edition Blu-ray from Anime Limited


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Ordered Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn from AL webshop

Oh well, one can never have enough Gundam, so also pre-ordered Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans: Part 2
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Straw Hat Pirate

Maiden Japan's new (re-)release of the complete Patlabor. Extremely jealous of folk that got the previous release dirt cheap, but can't pass it up now that this re-release is a limited edition. Rumour has it that it has been re-authored as well, hopefully with improved encoding. £48 at Wow-HD, which goes up to £58 all in when factoring in VAT.
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