The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


I was up for it till I saw how meh the SE for part 2 looked. And seeing how crap the Magus CE was when I have to put all the extras in a drawer to fit in Part 2.
Kinda glad Free was only 12 eps so if it gets a LE will be one part.

Girls wIth Guns

Pokémon Master
Unfortunately the US LE for Franxx doesn't go on a shelf too well - with it's horizontal format, the "spine" when you stand it up is the bottom of the box with the UPC code and other garbage text, with no title, so you'd have to face the open side out if you put it on a DVD shelf with other anime.


From CEX:

I initially bought these two using a £10 note...
... then went and got these two with the change:

— Love Hina disc 1: a cheap replacement for my existing disc, which has never quite played properly despite not being scratched.
— Baldr Force EXE: an old Manga Entertainment title I just never got around to buying. Until now.
— Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie + Generations: I already have the Gisaburou Sugii-directed Street Fighter II film, which is the pick of the bunch, but these are another couple of Manga Entertainment oldies I didn't have. Includes some extras I'd like to see, too.


Magical Girl
Managed to snag these for £28 incl. shipping, from the same person I bought Samurai Bride/Queen's Blade from:

Death Proof
Planet Terror
Lawrence of Arabia
Deadwood - Complete Series
Django - Unchained
Street Fighter II


Thousand Master
It’s 49 cents cheaper on AL (thanks to the email discount), but if it was the other way around I’d still prioritize better packaging.