Spotify OPs & EDs Playlist

I've made a playlist on Spotify of available OPs and EDs:

It's made up of only original and full songs, with a few exceptions where either the full version isn't available and the TV size is, or if the anime version is a cover and isn't available I've added the original version.

I've also made a Google Sheets spreadsheet to track all the songs with 4 sheets ordered in different ways: Shows MAL name, Alternative Name (Many don't have alternatives so will be the same), Year and Artist (according to MAL):
Spotify UK Available OPs & EDs

Song count currently stands at 226 with 15 and half hours of music! Most of it is currently from the last year, with Winter and Spring seasons complete. Because the list started as a personal list there is a lot of random songs from previous years that are favourites plus some random songs I found along the way. For example I have all the available i☆Ris tracks. Since then I've been more systematic going season by season.

I'll try to keep updating regularly, but has probably taken a few months just to get this far, mainly because the spreadsheet was an afterthought and I had to do a lot of searching to find the show from the song instead of noting it as I went along if I had thought of doing it in the first place.
Done these as a batch on their own. I made a temp playlist pretty quickly (once I found the earliest entry in the in-universe timeline, how the hell is a newb supposed to understand where to start watching this!?)

The database stuff took a little while longer as I've added 36 songs at 2hrs 40mins (there is one missing, whiz by TrySail, which is used on the latest film and as ED in Koyomimonogatari).

This takes the total to 288 songs and 1 minute over 20hrs!
Finally finished the Autumn 2017 songs. I found 57 new songs! This is mostly down to ClassicaLoid 2 which had 23 EDs in 24 episodes!

Playlist now stands at 345 songs at 23hrs and 44mins.
I've just finished the Autumn 2018 season. It took a while as found 77 songs which includes a few from earlier in the year. These include Binary Star from The Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These, High Score Girl ED and the WotaKoi EDs. The Autumn songs include a couple from Alt-J!

The full playlist now has 422 songs and would take you a minute short of 29 hours to listen to fully!