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Cheers! Now if anyone wants to do the whole thing...

Umm, I have no idea about any deeper context than your explanation as I don't follow the series but the text alone isn't very explanatory...

Mii-yan's 'That's the one!'

Panel 2: She swiped a sack -> ('High grade locally produced soybeans')
Panel 3: *annoyance*
Panel 4: *tossed away*

My apologies for low quality translation :D



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There's not really any deeper context besides the fact Misago lives in the wilds and doesn't wear clothes or really understand human "civilisation". She tries clothing and finds out it's not for her - that much was fairly easy to understand without translation but it's still nice to know after all these years. Thanks guys.

Edit: apologies for hijacking this thread with my Japanese questions, but
Mii-yan's 'That's the one!'
I'm guessing "Mii-yan" here here is essentially an endearing familiar name for Misago used for the purposes of this silly strip, but I've never heard of the -yan suffix before. A little Googling informs me this could be a Kansai dialect thing, would that be right? At the same time, that doesn't make a lot of sense because YKK is set on the Miura Peninsula... Unless I'm completely wrong about everything, which is a definite possibility.
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