So What's Your Avatar Pic?


Za Warudo
My new avatar is the greatest ever You (aka Yu) Suzuki with Micheal Jackson. Making power moves since the 80s and still going.


State Alchemist
I couldn't find my old Gall Force avatars, my hard drives are like the goddamn labyrinth these days. Serves me right for not having anything resembling a file system, saving everything to the desktop and then just stuffing it all in "New Folder (29)" when it starts getting in the way, which I then hide away in the root directory with all the other "New Folders" because almost all of them contain some quantity of pornography. And then I stuff all of that into a backup folder and transfer it over when I get a new PC. Hard drive failure would almost be a blessing at this point. but I actually like this one better because of Lufy's expression of quizzical disgust.


Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know what the longest time is that anybody has kept the same avatar pic?

As a relative newcomer here, I was curious. :)


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
So, in the Discord the other night, the discussion turned to Salmon-chan, a short about a salmon who just wants to be eaten.

Yeah. We had quite an interesting discussion about that. So here she is.


Karamatsu Boy
Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know what the longest time is that anybody has kept the same avatar pic?
Very difficult to say as we've had the avatars eaten a few times during forum migrations. Some people become known for keeping the same character for ages (but occasionally changing the picture) and then freak everyone out when they suddenly become someone else...



AUKN Staff
In light of the great news that we're getting Martian Successor Nadesico on Blu-Ray I felt it only right to put best Nadesico girl Ruri as my avatar.


State Alchemist
sfw Misago, I thought it was appropriate.

To my knowledge nobody who translated YKK ever translated the 4-koma gag strips on the dustjackets, so while I get the joke (she trys to emulate Alpha's top using some kind of sack she's found) I still don't know what the sack was supposed to contain and if that in itself is a gag. Can anyone who can read it enlighten me?