So What's Your Avatar Pic?

Switched back to an actual Girls with Guns avatar, going with Takina Inoue from Lycoris Recoil this time. I just finished the final episode of the series this morning. Takina had been best girl for me, right from the very start of the season - but my waifu for the series is definitely Mizuki - she's a big lush just like me! I'd marry her in a heartbeat, and she'd finally get her wish for Mr. Right, lol!

takinagun415.jpg mizuki400.jpg
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^ Murderous Maids Making Mince Meat and Mayhem! Oh my... That is one series I skipped over this season, as it didn't really look like something I would care for. Maybe I'll have to take a look at it after all, lol. Thanks for the heads up, d1gger!

Anyway, I changed up my avatar for something a bit milder than that above or my usual Girls with Guns images - this time around I went with Liu Shouxue from Raven of the Inner Palace, my favorite series of this Fall season. She is so gorgeous when fully decked out in her consort apparel! So just how many waifus is an otaku allowed to have, anyway? 🤔

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Didn't know what to pick so I just went into Blender 3D, modelled a capital A, messed around with the toon shader in Cycles render, set the background to pitch black as it makes the letter stand out, rendered it with the camera facing straight towards the model and there's my userpic.:)
Wow so much enthusiasm :p
Probably pondering how he will meet gift delivery targets with the increasing minion/elf sickness levels thanks to the heating being off to survive the cost of living crisis.

On a less gloomy note, I wish I had the skills to put some Christmas hats and beards on my Eva cast! May settle for a Santa Yuko from xxxholic if I can find a good pic..