So What's Your Avatar Pic?


I've shaved it down to 850kb
I got it down to around 650kb and it worked. It took a while because the fancy gif editor I downloaded would save the cropped gif at a higher file size and then the compression tool wouldn't squeeze it low enough. So I had to download a basic editor to do the crop and then compress with the fancy one.


Another one of Ken Kaneki from Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul: re.

For reference this is the chapter page it’s from:
Studio Pierrot, in their infinite wisdom, rejiggled and altered the plot and thus this wonderful illustration was never realised for the anime adaptation.


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Aoi from Shirobako. I got bored of my previous one and then wanted something that represented me but also wasn’t just Kobayashi again~
Just realised my title turned to mad scientist so I thought I'd use the scientist who everyone loves for his experiments in um... Love - Bondrewd the scoundrel Novel, from Made in Abyss. It's like adventure time, but cuddlier