Re:ZERO's Video Quality in UK/US discs Discussion


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Of course they say its not defective. Other releases got a fix for less issues. God forbid them doing a good release that isn't even worse than a crunchyroll stream

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But wait... if the new materials they ar rising for Part 1 are the same as Part 2, then it won’t be a huge jump in quality.
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Trust me. I think part 1 will still look like ****. They couldn't make part 2 not look like **** I highly doubt part 1 will
I never said it would look “good”- I’m saying the upgrade would be. Because Part 1 is the worst BD ever. Part 2 still looks like s**t.

I complain about them every day, so I’d say I’m well aware of their issues. I just had bad phrasing. I’m the one who’s caused the most commotion about Part 1’s lack of quality.


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From those screen shots, part 2 doesn't look that much better than part 1.

"We absolutely made sure to use the best available video materials for the upcoming Re:ZERO Season 1 Part 2 home video product "

From the screen shots of part 2, either they haven't been sent the "best available video materials" from the licensor, I say this as the Japanese release doesn't seem to have these issues(going off a screen shot), so possibly different material, or Funi just haven't done a great encode.


They pretty much state that the materials they were given differed from the materials meant for home video. It pretty much shows the licensor has been giving them sub-par stuff on purpose.


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I agree a large part of the blame here seems to lie with Kadokawa giving AL and Funi poor materials, but some of the blame still has to lie with them for releasing it. They shouldn’t have to put up with shoddy video, but neither should we as the end consumers. All we can do is point out and refuse to support poor quality releases, hopefully that will send a message back up the chain to the distributors not to accept crappy materials.


I bet you AL will not replace the disc as its not "defective"

Your Name wasn't defective picture quality wise, and only got replaced due to actually borked audio.