Re:ZERO's Video Quality in UK/US discs Discussion

The actual JP BD is vastly superior to the CR stream. And CR split ep 1 into 2 parts that just annoyed me when it’s obviously written to be 48 mins
Yes, but we're talking AL/FUNI (unless the JP is English friendly?)
And something annoy you, never! Just press the skip to next button at the end, before the ED (if it has one, I would check but Crunchyroll is playing up again 😠)
Nowhere. FUNi did an iTunes release of the broadcast version (without the extended episode, and general animation fixes), but that's it.

Also, yeah. Part 2 quality still is far away from what I'd consider acceptable. If Part 1 is a 1/10, Part 2 is like a 2.5 or 3/10 in terms of PQ.