Rate the last anime you watched out of 10


Combat Butler

This was one of the first anime shows I ever saw, outside of the stuff that was on UK TV. I saw the first couple of episodes about 15-16 years ago, but never got around to watching any more.

I thought it was cool and I've had a feeling of nostalgia about it since then.

That nostalgia has met a crushing end, because FLCL is one of the worst things I've ever watched. Not just anime - I'm counting TV shows, movies, theatre, darts matches, everything.

It's kerr-azy and so random and everyone shouts all the time and it's the absolute pits. It doesn't make sense and it's not even great to look at.

I don't know if there's actually a story buried underneath the wacky and zany antics. I've read a load of reviews that seem to think it's an intellectual masterpiece. Maybe I'm just not on the right plane of existence to understand what the hell was happening.

There's some nice music in the episodes, but even that's random. None of it has any relevance - songs play here and there, just for the hell of it. It's like there was a cat in the studio and every now and again, it walked along someone's keyboard and made a song play, but no one knew how to edit the music out, so they just left it in.

I just think it's a really really bad show. I can't think of anything positive to say about it. It's not interesting, it's not funny, it's not sad, it's not exciting, it's not cool, it's just...nothing. Supposedly, it starts to make sense if you watch it over and over, but I've got no interest wasting my time watching something I know I hate.

The BD is going to the charity shop - I think the bin would be more fitting, but maybe someone else could get some enjoyment out of it.

Absolute nonsense - 1/10


This is an unfashionable view, but I actually like Tales from Earthsea and don't really understand why it gets so much stick. (I do know it's regarded as a poor adaptation of Ursula K. Le Guin's novels, but I've never read them and have no plans to; I'm judging the film purely as an animated film, and not even necessarily as a Ghibli one. I don't care at all for the snobbery that sometimes surrounds their films.)

I remember going to see Tales from Earthsea in the cinema, and it was probably the first anime (and probably the first foreign-language film full stop) that I saw on the big screen. I remember the feeling of crushing disappointment; I've revisited it as an adult and continue to see almost no merit in it. The narrative is just... I think Le Guin summed it up well herself when she complained that it was "taking bits and pieces out of context, and replacing the storylines with an entirely different plot." I've never found it to have an effective dramatic structure; it feels like I've put on the middle episode of a longer series.

I love both Genius Parties, I'm going to watch them again before offering a entry by entry take


Absolute nonsense - 1/10
Absolute b*llocks!!! 🤯

Dude, whaaaat??!?! 😵

I've read a load of reviews that seem to think it's an intellectual masterpiece.
That's because it is! And they don't think it is: they know it is! 😛

I love both Genius Parties, I'm going to watch them again before offering a entry by entry take
Excellent. Looking forward to reading that already, dude. 👍

The narrative is just... I think Le Guin summed it up well herself when she complained that it was "taking bits and pieces out of context, and replacing the storylines with an entirely different plot."
Again, I've no way of knowing how it compares to her original story, but...
I've never found it to have an effective dramatic structure; it feels like I've put on the middle episode of a longer series.
... for me, I can't deny that Arren's motive for stabbing his father at the beginning of the film is vague in the extreme, and I'm unsure about the (Japanese) casting for the Wizard, Kumo/Cobb, but beyond one instance of clumsy editing (where Arren and Ged have done a day's work out in the fields without any indication for the viewer that time has passed), I honestly can't find anything else to direct criticism at. The final showdown in particular I think is especially praiseworthy.

I also really like Ged's quiet musings on the nature of "the balance" (delivered brilliantly in Japanese by the late Sugawara Bunta).


School Idol
Wise Man's Grandchild-4 out of 10. This isekai series is badly written, the characters are merely ciphers but mostly it's about as exciting to view as watching paint dry.


Combat Butler
Eromanga Sensei

I really liked it. It's from the same author as Oreimo (which I watched the first season of last year and enjoyed a lot), so I was hopeful for this. It didn't let me down.

It's very similar to Oreimo. The only major difference is the personality of the sister character. In Oreimo, she's very outgoing and also kinda mean to the MC - but in ES, she's a shut-in and mostly cold (rather than outright hostile).

But in general, it's more of the same. If you liked Oreimo, you'll probably like this. If you didn't...you won't.

The story seems like it would be pretty sleazy, but it's really not bad (in general, I think the creep factor is a lot lower than something like Monogatari).

There are a lot of sweet moments and the main cast of characters is nice. They're mostly pretty standard anime archetypes, but they're all pleasant and none of them annoyed me. The OP and (especially) ED songs are really catchy.

It's just a really nice, relaxed, silly harem type show. The sister stuff is mostly kept to a minimum and the main focus of the story is about making light novels, rather than comical fanservice hi-jinx. It's really nice - 9/10


School Idol
Astra-Lost In Space-I re-watched this dubbed (the 1st time subbed). This is really good science fiction with a well done plot, good world building, likeable characters and even has a little bit of humor. 8.75 out of 10.


Combat Butler
Pokemon: Twilight Wings

What a lovely series. It's seven episodes at six minutes each and it's well worth spending 35 minutes on (it's all available officially on YouTube)

It's only short, but it's a very nice show. It's pretty different to the usual Pokemon anime (which I still absolutely love) - there's more of a thoughtful, sentimental style and not a lot of action/battling.

The episodes are based on characters from Sword/Shield (including the best girl in Galar, Nessa), so I think you'd probably appreciate it more if you've played one of them - but I think it's a nice (and short enough) series to watch even if you haven't. My personal favourite episode was the one with Hop and his Wooloo, but there isn't really a bad one.

It looks really pretty (especially Nessa TBH). It's got a different animation style to the regular anime, with more of a 3D/CGI style. The music and voice acting is all spot on too.

Overall, it's a very nice series and one I'll definitely watch again in the future - 9/10

Professor Irony

Mezzo Forte

Even with the pornographic inserts removed, the original Mezzo OVAs are a skeezier affair than I expected, but if you're not put off by some rather questionable content, its combination of graphic violence and slapstick black comedy is well animated and oddly charming.

Compared to the later TV series, which I think painted them more like actual private detectives, it feels as if the 'Danger Service Agency' is just a crew of thugs for hire here, conning other crooks by pretending to sell sexaroids, before getting more than they bargained for on a botched kidnapping. The idea that our ostensible heroes are Not Very Nice is actually quite refreshing though; there's no complicated questions of redemption or good conduct here, and it certainly feels like they remembered to put the 'punk' in cyberpunk.

It's also an unusually bright and jaunty take on the cyberpunk future, perhaps Umetsu reacting against the grimdark stylings of Parasite Dolls, having worked on that just shortly beforehand. Perhaps I'm giving it too much credit, but I feel like this is how I imagine Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash to look, at least until such time as the mooted TV adaptation of that arrives.


Combat Butler
Pokemon Generations

Another nice series - not quite as good as Twilight Wings, but still a fun watch!

It's 18 short episodes (3-5 minutes each - all officially on YouTube), covering story elements from the first six generations of the games (Red/Blue to X/Y). Most of the episodes are focused on the sinister actions of the various teams over the years (Rocket, Magma, Galactic, etc), with a few random tales slotted in too (my favourite was the creepy Old Chateau story).

If you've not played all the games concerned, you wouldn't have a clue what's going on. Most of the characters aren't given any kind of introduction and their motivations are hardly explained. If you've only ever watched the regular Pokemon anime series, you might be aware of who some of the people are (Iris is probably the most prominent character from that in this one), but that's about it.

The series is really targeted at people who've played the games and want to see the major moments animated - on this level, it definitely works. The animation is nicer than the usual Pokemon show and it's enjoyable to see stories you'd only ever seen on a Game Boy screen in proper action. There's a good mix of characters and settings too. Each region has a few episodes and the only recurring character is Looker (who I think is pretty awesome).

Because the episodes are so short, the weaker stories never outstay their welcome. This works both ways though - I was really invested in some of the stories, then they just abruptly finished, with the characters never to be seen again.

If you're a fan of the Pokemon games, I'd definitely recommend this. If you've only got a passing interest, you mightn't be so interested (or may just end up confused). I'm a fan of the games though, so 8/10


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Natsu No Arashi (Summer Storm) 1 & 2-I watched these quite a few years ago and didn't remember much about them except something about ghosts from WW2 and time traveling. I didn't realize they were early shows from Shaft but upon rewatching both seasons I really liked the concept and the goofball characters, they mix comedy with some serious stuff. Good watch. S1-8 out of 10, S2-7 1/4 out of 10.
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Combat Butler
I fiiiinally finished Dragon Ball Super.

Of the shows I've watched this year, DBS was one of the hardest for me to choose a score for. I liked it, but I also had some frustrations with it too.

It's split into five arcs (with some other random stuff - like a baseball episode - thrown in too).

The first two arcs are just extended versions of two movies (Battle of Gods and Resurrection F). Luckily, I hadn't got around to watching those movies by the time I watched Super, so they were new to me. If you've already seen the two movies, you could easily skip the first 27 episodes (unless you loved the movies and want to see longer versions of them, I guess). I enjoyed them both anyway.

The third arc is a tournament and the fifth is pretty much a rehash of that (except the tournament format is a bit different). A lot of side characters get introduced in these arcs. Some of them are interesting, most of them are unmemorable (a load of robots and wolves) and a small number of them have some importance to the story.

I never enjoy tournaments in any anime, whether it's DB, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh or anything, so having 74 episodes of a 131-episode show about the build up, aftermath and actual fighting got to be a bit of a drain towards the end. Either way, the second tournament in particular had some exciting fights. It just went on for way too long.

(I mistakenly thought there was another arc after the second tournament, so I was looking forward to that - but it turns out that's a totally different show called Super Dragon Ball Heroes. OK then.)

The fourth arc (
Future Trunks
) was my favourite by miles. It was an enjoyable story with a lot of interesting characters (good and bad). It was also Super's only new content that wasn't just "LOL lets's do a Royal Rumble", so that's something.

Overall, the story was decent, but it was dragged down by the two tournaments, especially the second one which lasted 55 episodes (four of the blu-ray sets). The first, second and fourth arcs were all enjoyable enough to counteract this though - and the last two episodes of the series were exciting enough to end things on a high note.

The animation wasn't anything special, but it was decent enough for a shonen battle show. The problems with the early broadcast episodes were corrected, so no one looks strange and everything is nice and fluid. All the voices are the same people we've been hearing for the past however many years, so that's all familiar.

There are two different opening themes (it changes just before the second tournament) and both of them are amazing (they made me feel like I could take on the world). The ending songs are all over the place (there are 11 altogether) - some of them are absolutely awful and some of them are really really good. All the themes have an English dub on the English language track - I'm not usually a fan of this, but the good songs are good in both languages and the bad ones are still bad in Japanese.

It could have benefited from slicing the tournament sagas down (they could have easily reduced the series runtime by 25 episodes without losing anything worthwhile), but it was still very enjoyable overall. I was swaying towards a 7, but TBH the last few episodes were really good, so it's 8/10


finished Yakusoku no Neverland, What a masterpiece!
Characters, story, music, animation and everything is wonderful, one of THE BEST anime's I've seen, I can recommend this one so much, and you only have to watch one episode to get hooked.


Harem King
Had a trip to America to watch Free Road to the World - This is different from Timeless medley’s retellings of S2 as it skips half of S3 and retells the second arc so I feel it doesn’t replace Dive to the future but complements it and makes a directors cut feel for 9-12. I do think it improves on the rushed feel that it had for me when I watched it simulcast. Bring on FUNis hopeful BD and the 2021 film (and I hope whatever comes next) 9.5/10


School Idol
The directors cut of Re:Zero-it took me a little while to realize that these 13 episodes were each 2 episodes edited into one. I watched the regular version a few years ago. What always gets me about this series is that Sabaru is basically a human voodoo doll, he's always getting stabbed, sliced, multilated and whatever else the writers want to do to him. The 2nd season really ups the gore factor to 10.