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Koimonogatari is same if not better than disco. I find that the quality of the episodes an opening is attached to often determines if I like or not anyway.


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vashdaman said:
I give qaiz 10/10

His screenshoting skills, his love for 80s anime which I didn't even know I wanted to watch but which I now definitley do, his passionate and lengthy posts, and also his avatar. Speaking of which, who is that in your avatar, qaiz?
Thank you for your very kind words and I apologize for the late reply! I don't get to write much these days in general, so once I watch something I enjoy, I like finding some time to articulate my feelings in order to let out all of those emotions. I don't really mind if nobody even reads them, but if I could encourage somebody, even one person to give a movie/show that I love a go, I'd be happy! In regards to my avatar, as far as I'm aware its not a character in particular but just a cool piece of art from an old manga called すすめ!!パイレーツ (Susume!! Pirates). I'm glad you like it :)


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Another fantastic arc in Monogatari second season. While I don't think it was quite as good as the last 3 arcs that proceeded it, I still really enjoyed it. The choice to have Kaiki as the protagonist for this arc was quite out of left field. I had heard from some people that this arc will make you like Kaiki but I never expected the story would follow him. I actually really enjoyed having him as the lead character for this arc. Much like Sengoku in her arc this season, Kaiki was a character that was underdeveloped in his only previous appearance in Nisemonogatari and received significant development here and it changed my opinion of him a lot. What was particularly interesting was the conversation with Ononoki where it turns out Kaiki broke up Senjogahara's family for her benefit and it completely changes your perception of the character. I also liked watching the relationship between Kaiki and Senjogahara in their many scenes together this arc, it was an interesting pairing that I didn't think that we would see and was once again kind of out of nowhere. My only issue is I think the pacing got a little too slow in some places and Kaiki getting (presumably) killed at the end seemed a little unnecessary and tacked on. Other than that, I really liked this arc. It brought good closure to both Kaiki as well as Sengoku. The only loose end that wasn't tied up was Ougi. She was a pretty big mystery throughout all the arcs, and Kaiki mentioning that it's impossible for him to have a Niece makes it even more interesting, yet it was never resolved. I'm just going to hope that it is later down the line.

Monogatari Season 2-9/10

Despite the rocky start with Nekomonogatari Shiro, which I feel is the weakest arc out of the entire franchise, Monogatari took what was done in the previous shows, Bakemonogatai and Nisemonogatari, and improved on it in pretty much every way. The visuals are the best they have ever been, and the style of the show still remains one of it's biggest strengths, as it has such an amazing and unique look, every scene, no matter how mundane, manages to look absolutely gorgeous. The voice acting remains just as good as in the previous shows, and the soundtrack is also still great. The characters throughout get a lot of development and characters that were overlooked and underdeveloped before such as Ononoki, Sengoku and Kaiki get a tonne of development here and it really puts them in a new light. The stories in this arc also got a bit more adventurous, not always relying on the aberration of the week formula that we previously saw in Bake and Nise and instead served to change things up, for the better. Monogatari second season is easily the franchise peak so far, managing to tone down the sometimes impenetrable dialogue from Bake and Nise somewhat, making it a more enjoyable experience. Here's hoping Hanamonogatari and Tsukimonogatari continue this trend.

Also for those interested, I'll collate my individual reviews for each arc here:

Nekomonogatari: Shiro-8.5/10

Man am I conflicted on this one. I'll say this is probably my least favourite Monogatari arc. Not to say I didn't like it, it's still really good, but in comparison to the others, it felt a little lacking. First of all, I'll get some personal bias out of the way. I don't really find Hanekawa that interesting. Sure she isn't completely boring and she is well developed but out of the 5 or 6 main girls in Monogatari I think she is the second least interesting, next to Sengoku. So, as you can probably guess, an arc where she is the central character wasn't boding well for me anyway. On top of that, this is the third Hanekawa focused arc and the second consecutively so I'm kind of burnt out on that character, which I don't find interesting to being with. I also felt this arc was really hurt by the lack of Araragi. He was a really relatable protagonist and, in my opinion, really grounded the show as well as bringing a lot of the humour to the show, which this arc also lacked, which was another thing I was disappointed by. I also thought the first two episodes of the 5 episode arc were too slow, even by Monogatari standards. I think this arc really would have benefited being 4 episodes rather than 5. All that aside, the art and animation is as good as it's ever been, if not better, the writing is still as good as previous arcs and the other three episodes gave some good development to Hanekawa, the last episode in particular being incredible and made me like Hanekawa a whole lot more. As I said, this was still really good and really enjoyable but just not as much as previous arcs


After a slightly shaky start with Neko Shiro, Kabuki brings Monogatari Second Season back up to the standards of the previous arcs IMO. This arc might have become one of my favourites of the entire franchise, mainly because of it's story. It's very different from any other arc in the fact that it's more story focused than character focused and I like that, it's a good change of pace and the story is excellent, although I love a good time travel story so maybe I'm a little bias. This story restores the humour that Neko Shiro lacked so much and I'm very glad about it. It didn't go overboard with it and it still had it's serious moments but the humour sprinkled in was definitely appreciated. It kind of goes without saying at this point but the art and animation in this was superb and I especially liked the use of colour in this arc. The only thing I thought it lacked was the Hachikuji. Considering her name is in the title of the episodes and the story revolves around her in this arc, she really didn't get much screen time. This goes double for Adult Hachikuji who despite being on the box only gets one short scene. But that aside, I really loved this arc.


I really enjoyed this arc. Whilst I wasn't keen on the entire focus being on Hanekawa during her arc, I didn't mind the focus on Sengoku here. We didn't learn much about her character in her Bake arc, so this was very welcome. This arc gave the character a ton of development that she lacked before and I really enjoyed this arc almost solely for that fact. As with the other arcs, the art and animation looks amazing and the writing is still great and there was some good humour sprinkled in, although not as much as previous arcs. The only thing I didn't like was the kind of abrupt ending but after enquiring in the Monogatari community, I learned that it is wrapped up in the final arc, so I can't really hold it against it however having the conclusion to your arc happen 4+ episodes later is kind of odd. Yet another great arc, definitely up there with the previous arc. Monogatari Second Season is turning out to be amazing.


Monogatari season 2 continues it's trend of putting out series best arcs. First of all, I want to say that I think that the staff really messed up when it came to the naming of the arcs. This was more of a Hachikuji arc than the actual Hachikuji arc this season, yet this was supposed to be a Shinobu arc despite her not being the focus at all yet played a key part in the Hachikuji arc. Kind of weird. Anyway, what I really enjoyed about this arc was the slower pace compared to the last 2 arcs. Both of those arcs have been quite hectic and fast paced and this provides a nice breather between the previous arc and what I am sure will be a very fast paced 6 part finale. It took it slow without ever becoming boring. The dialogue is as on point as always and the show still looks gorgeous. However, the best part, by far, was the ending. Well the last episode as a whole really. It's hard to describe without spoiling so I'll have to go into spoilers for a while. Personally, I thought that the Hachikuji send off was pretty much perfectly done. It's been something I felt has been looming ever since her first arc back in Bake, as if I recall she says she will only be around for "a little while longer" and I've been expecting it since, although I was certain it was going to happen back in her arc in the season, not Shinobu's. In her last scene, you can genuinely feel how much that Araragi cares for Hachikuji and I thought it was really well done. Not sure if I can completely get behind the kiss, but still I thought it was a franchise highlight. It's also very different to see Araragi actually loose something. As brought up in the episode, he hasn't lost before, he always finds a way, but here, for the first time, we see him completely helpless, and you really sympathise with him. The end really got to me. I've never cried at a piece of media before, and I doubt I will but I've come close on some occasions. While this wasn't as on the brink as the finale to K-On, I'd be lying if I didn't say I had a small lump in my throat. My only real complaint about this arc was the absolute exposition dump that was episode 2. Whilst it was interesting learning about Shinobu's past, I don't think it needed to take up the whole 20 minutes. Other than that, this arc was great.
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I like neko white quite a bit. Just finished tsuki and that is a 9/10 imo. I do find it hard to give individual arcs 10/10 though.


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Gatchaman Crowds - 7.5

This was very nearly an eight for me, as there's elements of this show that I absolutely adored. Off the top of my head - Hajime, what a brilliant, engaging lead character; her English VA did a fantastic job of capturing that zany/ditz aspect to her, and her character design was super-cute (though I can imagine many finding her annoying). Also, the bright, colourful visuals, combined with a great soundtrack kept things feeling really alive and zippy, even when the plot was dragging.

The show riffs off a lot of the same things stuff like Durarara! does in terms of social media and urban fantasy, but the stuff about the wisdom of crowds, if you will, being a potential force for good was really cool and opened up some interesting social commentary. I was a little more divided about the Tiger & Bunny style CGI action sequences, but for the most part they were pretty cool. The OP titles are brilliantly done too, even if the lyrics are pretty bonkers (I like how it actually had to say 'official lyrics' in the subtitles to tell you they hadn't just misspelled them all horrendously)


Bleach fall of the arrancars

This was so short lived... And the fillers killed this series..... I love bleach I do but again the fillers killed this series.... but if you skip the fillers the series is a bit better....

I have to get the manga to this after I finish the anime.

Fight with aizan was short lived.... I was expecting long booming battle like in the soul society arc

Bit short lived an the power upgrades are ridiculous.



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Fruits Basket 8/10

was an overall enjoyable series but the series just ends halfway through the story pretty much so I can't really go any higher than 8, have to try and track down Tokyopop's manga release now somehow.

sanji no 1

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One Piece collection 8

The first half of the collection is the remainder of the Skypeia arc. Overall it was a good arc, it had some excellent fight scenes, but it dragged on a bit too much and Luffys final fight with Eneru was really anti-climactic and wasn't nearly as memorable as his fight with Crocodile IMO. The Alabasta arc was much better to me. Although I did very much enjoy the episodes with Montblanc Noland and Calagara as they were very heart warming episodes.

The rest of the episodes are the G-8 arc. For filler, I found it very enjoyable and preferred it more than the first half of the DVD. definately one of the better filler arcs in One Piece

Overall, i found One Piece collection 8 to be pretty decent. I look forward to collection 9 :)


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Kiniro Mosaic-9/10

I am an absolute sucker for cute girls doing cute things shows such as K-On and the like and man, this one takes the cake. First of all, the shows art and character design are absolutely great. I really love the look of the show, it isn't anything outstanding, but for the kind of show it is, it looks great. A lot of soft pastel colours are used and it's just really nice to look at. The character designs are all really cute, especially Alice, who is pretty much moe personified. The actual characters themselves are also a joy to watch. They bounce off of each other so well and the show can be legitimately laugh out loud funny at times, which I really wasn't expecting. The music in the show is also very cutesy and fits the show well. There's no real plot to talk about but I really liked the second half of the last episode where the characters were put into a fantasy setting. It was something different and quite enjoyable, especially pirate Karen. Overall, as far as cute girls going cute things goes, you'll struggle to find cuter girls doing cuter things than Kiniro Mosaic.


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School Days

This can be considered the anti-high-school-romance. It's built on a similar boy-meets-girl premise, and a number of the usual tropes are present as well, chief of which is how the male lead's stock price suddenly skyrockets when word gets out about him being attached. Usually said plot device would be used to affirm a couple's devotion to one another, but here it allows leading male Makoto to follow the path of least resistance, which inevitably leads to the ending of most shock. I have to respect the producers for going that way. They are drawing from a visual novel and have decided not to go with any of the safe or obvious (read: happy) endings.

But is it any good? Not in terms of animation. Talking heads and still backgrounds are the order of the day here. But this is hardly a dealbreaker. As always it's all about the writing, and here School Days impresses. Things only really get going from episode 4 onwards, at which point you'd be forgiven for thinking that this is just another romantic drama. As the story gathers momentum, characters become more unsympathetic as their selfish, wanton actions cause nothing but grief and confusion for those around them. And that's the appeal of School Days: instead of character development you are the witness to mass character regression.

In the end, I liked it, especially its surprise ending. [8.5/10]


Yugioh battle city

To be honest it's great to relive this season of the series... I remember thinking I want those gods in my deck thinking I would be unbeatable if I had them... to me at the time I thought they was epic and AWESOME and I thought the battles was great...... but now I saw the series again I can see alot of cuts in this series..... which really annoys me alot.. it messes up the series abit.

And today for me to still be playing the game..... the gods arent that impressive anymore.... maybe because there real counterparts aren't as powerful then in the anime.

I kept watching and playing the game while watching this series... And it was fun and I'm glad I got to see it ep to ep unlike the days where I would miss a ep every two nights and wouldn't know what's going on.

Again this series is for fans to know what's going on but if you want to know what this series is all about then start watching the series from the beginning...

To me 8/10

To new comers 6/10..... but that's up to you if you get in to it or not
Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise

The last time I watched this film was when it was broadcast on TV in the late 90's, so it's been a while. The animation is still great and it has some interesting commentary on rich vs poor, peace vs war, space vs society. One drawback is the slow pace and so it takes a while to kick in. There is one part in particular that I feel is really unnecessary (for those of you who've watched this will probably know which bit I'm talking about).

Spoilers:The attempted rape scene. Poorly implemented and the aftermath is like afterthought - even if it is implied that Riquinni was prostituting herself, it still does not excuse Shiro's actions. Ruins the message of the film in my opinion.

Perhaps not as good as I remembered it to be but still worth a watch.

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