Physical Copy Vs. Digital


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There is one big advantage that physical media has above most legal streaming services. The physical media is uncut while the streaming version is always edited down for TV.
Yep, Ran into this problem with JoJo's: Stardust Crusaders on Netflix which uses the TV broadcast version. Also the basic fact that licensing is all over the place and limited leading to a lack of availability especially in the UK. I mean, how many shows are in licensing limbo, only having newer seasons and missing catalogue titles or particular versions (such as English dubs being not available even when they exist). Anime may be the worst particular example of this but it does affect other things like older films and TV shows where they either aren't available anywhere apart from out of print dvd's (like the tv show Millennium for example) or aren't seen as palatable for a streaming service (Disney has a large amount of Fox films that have not appeared even on digital storefronts, let alone Disney Plus which insists on a particularly broad family image for its streaming library, making the decision not to license out to independent video groups like Arrow and Eureka irritating).


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Oh yeah, I forgot some other important benefits to physical media anime. You don't have the issue of dimming of action sequences in the physical release. On top of that we have the benefits of some scenes being redrawn to improve them.


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Plus physical media has the advantage of being available to watch anytime you feel like with none of the restrictions that streaming companies can enact whenever they feel like it.