Physical Copy Vs. Digital

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I'm not a fan of streaming at all, I buy all the anime I like on Blu-ray. I'm on my 4th media shelf for storing anime, and I've pretty much relegated all my live-action movie Blu-rays to DVD storage boxes in a closet. I only have subscriptions to Netflix and Crunchyroll as far as streaming goes, and I don't use either very often - mainly to preview a series to see if I want to buy it on disc when it comes out. And I never touch the digital codes in any of my anime or live-action films.


Physical all the way for me. It’s just a shame Netflix, and amazon and now even CR don’t release all their shows physical. Konosuba where are you, Bungo film so I’m slowly coming to terms with not getting physical for everything. Just thank god Discotek exists to get stuff like Symphogear and Battery.

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If a series I really like doesn't get a physical release here, then it's
fansubs burned to disc
for me. Just the way it's gonna be. 💩 on them.

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I have quite a few JP sets in my collection that are not English friendly, I just don't relish the effort to add subs to them that are timed properly. I have an Oppo Blu-ray player, and I think you can add subs on the fly by putting a flash drive with the files in the front USB port, but I haven't researched or tried that yet.


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I stream most things but then buy whatever I want to live on my shelf. I'll still take a chance on a blind-buy every now and then but mostly just get the ones I want to keep like Zombie Land Saga when that comes out.

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I prefer to buy physical but watch a lot streamed. Idea of buying digital Anime/Films/TV doesn't appeal to me


Again, Physical Manga wins. I do own a few volumes of digital manga and will consider buying more.

My main issue with digital Manga is censorship, Manga Box is a great example of a service that had some great simulcast Manga made unreadable by missing pages and black boxes

Another reason why I avoid digital manga is what happened with JManga. People purchased a product, company goes under and everyone looses their manga


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I love physical discs but digital is ok-as long as it's on a local hdd connected to my media player. Streaming is something I have no interest in.
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