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It looks to be Road to Green Gables misleadingly tagged with the 1979 date of the original series rather than 2010, when the compilation film was first released. Hopefully it bodes well for a release of the full series.


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Wonder if this may bode well for WMT in general. Romeo no Aoi Sora is another one I'd enjoyed of it and which isn't really anywhere around with a JP dub.

Crunchyroll and VIZ Media Europe Group have announced the closing of a deal that brings the global platform of Crunchyroll together with VIZ Media Europe Group’s EMEA-wide network of partners, distributors, and licensees. With the transaction complete, Crunchyroll is officially the majority owner of VIZ Media Europe Group, and will now have offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Chisinau, Paris, Berlin, and Lausanne.
CR now owns Viz Media Europe...


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Sounds German to me... :)
There was a mass licensing among German publishers January 2019. (Most went to KSM and Kaze.)
KSM's deal with CR was baptised as KrunchySM by them.
As far as I know Kazé didn't give their CR titles a deal name.

I wonder if this merge was the big change publishers were already privy to know before the public, causing this mass licensing. 🤔


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It should be noted their was a press release regarding the takeover on Sept 6 this year. It was literally the same, only stating that everything is still under approval of the cartel offices.


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AUKN Staff
Sentai Filmworks

The following titles are scheduled for March 2020:

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions: Ultimate Edition [dub/sub] - $129.98 - 10th March
Contains Seasons 1 & 2, the movies Rikka Version & Take on Me, and the shorts (Chuni-Shorts, Chunibyo Lite, "My Brother 2", Kotatsu Photo Session)
To-Love Ru: Season 1 Collection [dub/sub] - $89.98 - 31st March

Limited Edition:
Release the Spyce: Complete Collection [dub/sub] - $99.98 - 17th March
LE includes 104-page Booklet and 6 Art Cards

Regular releases:
Grimm Notes the Animation: Complete Collection [sub] - $59.98 - 10th March
Maria Watches Over Us: Complete Collection [sub] - $99.98 - 24th March
Contains Seasons 1-4
Mysteria Friends: Complete Collection [dub/sub] - $49.98 - 10th March [LE coming soon]
Release the Spyce: Complete Collection [dub/sub] - $69.98 - 17th March​
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