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Its £300 for an oversized box the same discs they included in a sale and a "120pg ultimate" book and the OST. The OST costs about £60 on its own so we are paying £100- £150 for this not very big book so yeah its hard to see why people dont think its worth it.


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It seems that the Animeism/Amazon deal might be over outside of Japan. AnimeLab is simulcasting Domestic Girlfriend in Australia, so a future simulcast on other services could happen.
Was never popular in the west, I had prime for a 1 month (free month) and the anime wasn't even available for me(like most services tbf inc over half of CR). Streaming will never work here.
Dimension high school is very odd, I can see myself trying it out just out of curiosity.. eventually.

So far not the most interesting pick ups by sentai I have to say, kinda sad as I rather see them getting what I'm interested in than Funi or CR (CR exclusives are still without home releases..)
Sentai got 2 shows I wanted last season but none the 16 months prior so CR/FUNi dying and PonyCans change in direction is helping.
Sentai got Scums wish so I do still hope they are pursuing amazon stuff.
I didn't like Scums wish, it's too rapey and uncomfortable to watch.

But sentai got some good stuff lately. let's see run with the wind, tsurune, bloom into you, starlight, tada-kun, Just 2018 stuff.
I didn't like Scums wish, it's too rapey and uncomfortable to watch.
Diago, as a man of culture that is quick to identify "rapey" anime, I can say Scummy Wishes has no rape. In fact, the heroine evades penetration, despite being a slut throughout most of the series. Quite an impressive feet, even in the realm of virginal maidens or no money otaku culture.

Oh, and ya'll be uncultured swine that know not of Panty & Stocking's dub if 'Shobitch' doesn't intrigue you based solely on its dub. I mean, the series IS most likely terrible, but still: vulgar re-writes in English > uptight JP culture, depending on the series. This is known.
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Wait, WHAT: Konosuba is getting dubbed? Please share with me that the one true Goddess, Aqua, is coming out on Blu-ray. I'd lost all hope.
The general assumption has been that a blu-ray release has been bottlenecked by the dub being produced, so hopefully now that has happened we’ll see one happen pretty soon.