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Girls wIth Guns

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I paid £3 shipping for three items to the Netherlands as well. It's stupidly cheap actually, pretty sure Amazon charges more.
Same for me - three AL CE sets to the US for £3 total shipping for my AOL order during the sale. Doesn't make sense, I bought Ajin Season 2 CE the week before and it cost me £8 shipping to the US all by itself. 😕

Can't complain though, the old pricing was £4 per item so £11 is still better for four items than £16, and certainly better than £25 from AL directly.
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It's not just you, no. 😬
Particularly the one with the open end facing us.

My outer box for Girls' Last Tour is a little bit like that, but the two middle copies in that photo don't look like they'd stand up straight.
Was just the way I had laid them out. Nothing crooked about them when stood upright in a shelf. It's only for people to see the final product.