Mega Sale! Lots of Freebies!! (1st 2 posts)


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These are from a non-smoking, adult home. Some were pre-owned before I purchased them so conditions vary. The grading system will be in posts where the relevant items are listed.
I will need a contact telephone number for booking couriers for bulky items/orders.

Please bear in mind that PayPal charges a fee, so please be willing to cover the fee.

The following are free as I just need to clear some space, you just need to cover p+p. ^_~

Live Action DVD
Diary (Chinese psychological horror starring Charlene Choi, Isabella Leong and Shawn Yue) - Chinese R3 DVD
Initial D - UK R2
Ju-On (Japanese supernatural horror) - Japanese R1 DVD (weird?)
Ju-On 2 (Japanese supernatural horror) - Japanese R1 DVD (weird?)
Little Big Soldier - UK R2
New Blood (Chinese supernatural horror) - Chinese R-ALL DVD
The Red Shoes - Chinese R3 DVD
St John's Wort (Japanese horror) - Chinese R3 DVD
Sure Death - Chinese R3 DVD
Anime DVD
Chance Pop Session DVD vol. 2 R1
Eden’s Bowy DVD vol. 3 R1
Kai Doh Maru DVD R1
Manga GN
JP Manga - Ai Yori Aoshi vols. 8, 10 & 11
JP Manga - Inu Yasha movie/anime comic
JP Manga - Pita Ten vols. 5, 6, 7 & 8
Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun MANGA vol. 3
Di Gi Charat vol. 1
Figure 17 MANGA vol. 2
Noodle Fighter Miki MANGA vol. 1
Pita Ten vol. 5
Real Bout High School vol. 1
RG Veda vol. 1
Rurouni Kenshin vol. 25
book not attached to the cover
Seven of Seven MANGA vol. 1
Wish vol. 1 - some minor wear/cover damage to the spine
UK PSX Games - scratched discs, damaged cases - we were careless as kids but these games still worked when we last played
Crash Bandicoot
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Silent Hill
Theme Hospital
Wipeout 2097


Student Council President
All DVDs in great/like new condition unless otherwise stated.

Anime DVDs are US/Canada region 1 NTSC releases unless otherwise stated
Chobits vol. 1-7 with artbox and Stationary Set - £20
Gunslinger Girl vols 1 & 3 in artbox - DVDs sealed but wrapping to artbox opened to view banner which was folded and returned to the box - £10
Love Hina vols. 1-6 in artbox - the box shows shelf wear - £15 with Spring Special and Christmas Special
Macross II (Region 0 UK release) - fair/good condition - £5
Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden vols. 1-3 + Something More Beautiful vols. 1-3 + Summer Special in artbox with Mahoro figure - £20
Maria Holic Alive Complete
Nazca vols. 1-3 - £20
Orphen The Perfect Collection - £20
RahXephon with art box and unworn T-shirt (TV only) - discs 1, 2 & 6 in fair cond. - £15
Rune Soldier Complete with metal artbox (Not sure if I will part with this yet, I need to check with my ex)
Soul Eater part 1 UK R2- £5
Tenchi Muyo OVA set - crease on side of the case - £20

Korean Movies (Korean R3)
The Customer Is Always Right - £5
Death Note (JP film, KOR release) - £5
For Eternal Hearts (Limited Edition) - £5
Ghost House (Open) - £5
Heartbreak Library - £5
Innocent Steps
Mission Possible Kidnapping Granny K - £5
Moodori - £5
Please Teach Me English
Traces of Love Directors Cut (Limited Edition) (Open) - £5

K-Drama - US releases
Love Letter - £20
Ruler of Your Own World - £20
What Planet Are You From - £30

Manga (Prices inc. UK P+P) - All books Like New unless otherwise stated
Apocalypse Meow 1-3 (complete)
Basilisk vol. 1 - £5
Card Captor Sakura Master of the Clow vol. 6 - £5
Emerald - £3
Fruits Basket vol. 1 - £4
Gunsmith Cats comics (not GN) - All but 1!
Gate Keepers vols. 1 & 2 - £3
Hitman REBORN! vols. 1-3 - £5
Imadoki! by Watase Yuu vols 1-5 (complete)
Kare Kano vols. 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6
Oh! My Goddess! Original Print - condition varies. Please enquire for individual volumes - offers welcome
Oh! My Goddess reprint vols. 21, 22, 23 & 25 - £5 each
Rin-Ne vol. 1 - £3
Street Fighter - Sakura Ganbaru 1 & 2 - £12
Street Fighter UDON vol. 5 - £8
Tropic of the Sea - £5
Video Girl Ai by Masakazu Katsura vols. 1-15 (complete)
The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls vol.3 - still sealed - £4


Student Council President
Artbooks - JP Imports
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar - £5
Alpha by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto – Grade 3 - £5
Angel Flavor by Aoi Nanase – Grade 3 - £5
Azumanga DaiohVisual Books 1 & 2 - Grade 3 - £10
Chocola 2003 by Broccoli/Koge Donbo – Grade 3 - £10
Final Fantasy X-2 - Grade 3 - £10
KANAN (by BROCCOLI) - Grade 3 - £10
Keiji Gotoh Illustrations
Groundwork of Evangelion 2
Groundwork of Evangelion 3
Groundwork of Evangelion The Movie 1
Groundwork of Evangelion The Movie 2
Groundwork of FLCL
Groundwork of Mahoromatic 1 - £15
Groundwork of Mahoromatic 2 - £15
Neon Genesis Evangelion 100% Newtype Collection - Grade 3 - £10
Outlaw Star Dragon Magazine Artbook - Grade 3 - £5
Pita-Ten artbook – Grade 3 - £10
Positive Girls - Ray Omishi - Grade 3 - £10
Suchie Pai Memorial Book SIGNED by Kenichi Sonoda - Grade 3 - £10
Trigun Art Book - Grade 3 - £15
Utena Movie art book - Grade 3 - £10
You're Under Arrest – The Movie artbook – Grade 3 - £8

Satoshi Urushihara Collection
Artbook - Legend of Crystania
Artbook - Legend of Langrisser
Artbook - Love
Artbook - Ragnorock City
Artbook - U: Collection
Artbook - Vampire Master Illustration Book
Misc. Book - Urushihara Satoshi Hentai Doujinshi
Misc. Merch -Urushihara Satoshi Card Collection Complete in presentation book
Posters - Satoshi Urushihara Limited Edition Poster Box - external box, presentation box, contents (list of contents) - £100

Japanese Doujinshi MATURE!
Gundam Seed doujinshi trio MATURE CONTENT - Grade 3 - £5 - Free with purchases over £20
Puriori-Soft MATURE CONTENT - Grade 3 - £5 - FRee with purchases over £20

Misc. Books
.hack//SIGN Ltd Ed. Manga with Figure - Grade 2 - £5
Ah! My Goddess Postcard book - Grade 3 - £10
Chobits Postcard Book - Grade 3 - £5
Ken Akamatsu booklet trio (3 books) - Grade 3 - £5
Neon Genesis Evangelion Postcard Book - Grade 3
Sakura Wars Postcard book - Grade 3 - £5
Trigun Fan Guide - Grade 3 - £3

Merch Grading
1 - Fair
2 - Good
3 - Like New/Mint
4 - New/Sealed

Posters, Wallscrolls and Calendars
Bruce Lee wall scroll - Grade 3 - £5
Spider-Man LTD ED SIGNED LITHOGRAPH - Grade 4 - £25

Figures and Statues
Statue - Oh My Goddess - Belldandy - Holy Bell is a limited edition 1/6 scale of Belldandy and her inner goddess. She's been in her box since the day I bought her as I've not the space to display her. It's been years since I purchased her so from memory I think she's about 2 feet tall. She sustained a number of fractures before I obtained her, each of which have been circled for you to survey the damage. Click here to go to her folder and view all the photos. - £75
Figure - Chobits - Chi trading figure - £3
Figures - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Eva Unit 02, Revoltech Winged version, Revoltech normal version (which is BROKEN) and pulverized Unit 02
Statue - Read or Die - Yomiko and Nancy - £150

Fruits Basket Kyo plushie – Grade 3 - £10
Fruits Basket Yuki plushie – Grade 3 - £5

Ah! My Goddess keyring set - Grade 3 - £5
Cardcaptors (Card Captor Sakura) Gum Buddy (gum dispenser - suggest NOT trying to consume the gum included as I've had this years - unopened!) - £5
Di Gi Charat Postcards - Grade 3 - £3
Gloomy Bear phone strap - £5
Gunsmith Cats Rally Vincent t-shirt
Kingdom Hearts belt - belt strap faded but the buckle in very good condition
Nadia The Secret of Blue Water Electric toy drum (1989) - Grade 2 - £10
Sailor Moon Metal Lunchbox WITH shoulder strap - Grade 3 - £8
Sailor Moon Mug - Grade 3- £4
Sgt Frog set of five keychains - £10

- JAP PS2 Games
King of Fighters 2001 - Grade 1 - £5
RahXephon - Grade 3 - £10

- JAP PSX Games - Up for offers
Escaflowne - £10
Hikari No Go - £5
Inu Yasha Special Ed. - £10 - or both Inu Yasha games for £15
Inu Yasha Sengokuotogigassen - £10 - or both Inu Yasha games for £15
Langrisser I & II - £5
Pretty Samy Part 1 & 2 - £10
Rurouni Kenshin - £3
You're Under Arrest - £5

- UK PS2 Games
Chaos Legion
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition
The King of Fighters Neowave
Project Zero 3: The Tormented
Resident Evil 4
SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos

-UK PSX Games
Final Fantasy VII (with unofficial game guide)
Final Fantasy VIII (with official game guide)
Final Fantasy IX (with official game guide)
Legend of Dragoon (missing manual)

- UK XBOX 360 Games
Alone in the Dark
Dead or Alive 4
Dragon Age Origins
Dragon Age II
Fable II
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Hunted The Demons Forge
Mass Effect + Official Game Guide
Mass Effect 2 + Official Game Guide
Mortal Combat vs DC Universe
Ninja Blade
Resident Evil 5
Transformers War for Cybertron


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Don't worry about mod attention, the way you've done it is fine and it looks like it's all relevant :)



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Thank you Rui for your reassurance and thank you to anyone who views this thread and even more so to those who buy. ^_~

Stacey x


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That's wonderful, thank you for the update Butch!

I've just reinstalled the operating systems on my laptop so hoping that I get everything reinstalled in the next few weeks (it's hard doing this around work and family life). Planning to get more photos sorted out after that.

Items I'll be adding to the lists include Noir DVD vols 1-7 with artbox and t-shirt, Please Teacher DVD vol 1 with artbox and OST, Negima DVD thinpack (UK release), maybe some of my old Newtypes WITH the preview discs they used to sell with the mags, and many more. ^_~


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Re-formatting the hard drive didn't really work out too well. I don't have any Microsoft Works and am not content with the outcome, but fudge it, this is gonna have to do! While there are no pics whatsoever on the laptop (aside from those found on the drive with the installation of Vista) so I will do a short-ish list of things to come.

I tried to tidy my room yesterday and was frustrated that I couldn't create any space. If nothing sells then I get no new space in my room which is very bad for my marriage, so, I've been very harsh with myself and will be letting go of more stuff in the hope of creating a little extra space.

DVDs (Completed titles)
Angels in the Court vols. 1 & 2
Dual vols 1-4
Gatekeepers vols. 1-8
Hand Maid May vols. 1-3 plus additional extras DVD, with artbox and figure
Kai Doh Maru
Key the Metal Idol vols. 1-3
Last Exile vols. 1-7 with artbox, Al figure and mousepad (plus postcards with a couple of DVD volumes)
Negima UK Thinpack
NOIR vols. 1-7 with artbox and t-shirt
Sakura Wars Sumire
Samurai - Hunt for the Sword
Samurai Deeper Kyo vols. 1-6 with wooden "art"box
Shamanic Princess
The Slayers Next box vols 1-4
Strange Love

DVDs (individual volumes)
Basilisk vol. 1 with wooden "art"box, scroll and cards
Gunparade March vols. 1 + 2 with tin
.hack//SIGN vols. 1-3
K.O. Beast vol. 2
Sakura Wars OVA vol. 1

To see other misc items I still have available please check out my previous sales thread.
Once I've photographed and graded all these items I can list them properly in this thread and ask a mod to delete that old one... Hopefully I can get it done before summer! haha.


I'm still thinking about those Mahoro figures -but in terms of microsoft works- what is it your ideally trying to do? OpenOffice might provide the same results


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Hey Otaku-san! I have a spreadsheet which contains all the details about my cels, you know, the number, the cost, when I aquired them, the characters etc. I have failed to keep all the details for all my cels but many of them are complete and I like to have my spreadsheet of details.. call me weird but I like to have those details documented. Sometimes I look at a cel and think "Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since you arrived. I can still remeber the day you came.. I still feel the excitement I felt opening the packaging and the pride of scanning you to display on my gallery!"... I sound totally lame. haha.

I only really use Word and Spreadsheet. Word is great for composing letters/covering letters/CVs etc and spreadsheet.. well, you can see why that's important!

I gotta take a nap! I got work from 9pm to 7am and I've been up since 8.30 this morning! I'm gonna suffer tonight! lol.

C'ya Otaku, I'll check your response in the morning after work (unless I flake out)!


otaku010884 said:
Hey Otaku-san! I have a spreadsheet which contains all the details about my cels, you know, the number, the cost, when I aquired them, the characters etc. I have failed to keep all the details for all my cels but many of them are complete and I like to have my spreadsheet of details.. call me weird but I like to have those details documented. Sometimes I look at a cel and think "Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since you arrived. I can still remeber the day you came.. I still feel the excitement I felt opening the packaging and the pride of scanning you to display on my gallery!"... I sound totally lame. haha., not at all. I keep the recites to whatever I've purchased

I only really use Word and Spreadsheet. Word is great for composing letters/covering letters/CVs etc and spreadsheet.. well, you can see why that's important!
hmm well you know give it a try when you have time:
I'm pretty sure the fomula you put into spreadsheets is different to excel, but if your just writing in products, how much you paid and when you got them that shouldn't be a problem. It's text program is just like Word, and can even open word documents, but work in either one or the other since it will never look the same. If I recall you can even export the documents into PDF formats. Very handy for course work or sending electronic CV's


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Well Otaku_san this weekend I'll see if I can get Microsoft Works, if not, I'll give this open office a try.

Unknownfate, all of the above are available. I'm trying to keep it up to date because I need to sell it. My better half wants more space in the bedroom (so she can fill it with her stuff I think). :)


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Hey Otaku-san! I didn't do anything I'd hoped last weekend. I was attacked by the blob and one of my hamsters was slowly fading so she had to be pts earlier this week. :cry:

I downloaded OpenOffice. Thank you for the recommendation, it's just what I needed. I can finally update the spreadsheets which is nice.. I just don't wanna do it at this hour. lol. My other half is asleep so I can't be getting cels/dougas/gengas and inputting data or I'll wake her.

Still gotta sort out photos of more items for sale. It's all a bit much really.. think I need a week off work just to get everything done! For now though I think I'm gonna relax and watch Saiyuki. I've watched the first couple of episodes and am enjoying it, so I better get on with it. 12 DVDs plus the movie.. bought it sooo long ago but only just getting round to watching it! As if that's not bad enough I have all the CCS DVDs and both movies and still have to watch that, AND all three Kenshin bentos to watch, as well as 3 Sailor Moon boxsets and Nadia THe Secret of Bluewater and Ranma 1/2... the list just goes on and on.. I really have to knuckle down and watch these. Not even got round to watching Black Lagoon or anything you've recommended yet cos I wanna watch the DVDs first. Viewing anime should be my job.. I wanna be an anime critic.. pay me! :D

Oh.. Otaku-san... the Mahoro trio are still waiting for you to persue your interest. ^_~

Right, anime.. yay! Ciao! (Darn it.. just remembered I've not been on facebook for a couple of weeks... ah it can wait! haha.)


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PM replied. ^_^

So, some prices have been revised, and a number of new items have been added. Took ages to take photos, resize them and upload them.. phew.. done, for now! Still got more stuff to photograph and add.. maybe next week. :?


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Right, things are creeping along, but lets see if we can't give things a little push eh?

Bundles. We all like bundles. Bundles with our consoles, bundles in the form of box sets, even little bundles of joy that cry and poop but win our hearts all the same. So, let's see if I can figure a few bundles for you.

- Buy KANAN (by BROCCOLI) artbook and get Galaxy Angel DVD vol. 1 + Box + Figures AND a Galaxy Angel Chirashi (Japanese mini poster) FREE! - £25
- Buy eX-D Official Guide Book vol. 1 and get a eX-D Chirashi FREE! - £20
- Koge Donbo set – Buy Chocola 2003 and Pita-Ten artbooks and get Digi Charat manga vol. 1 AND a Digi Charat Chirashi FREE! (Don't forget, I have 4 JP manga vols. of Pita Ten for free too! ^_~) - £50
- Buy Gate Keepers DVD vols. 1-8 and get Gate Keepers manga vols. 1 & 2 AND the Gate Keepers artbook FREE! (Book not yet photographed as I was originally going to keep it.) - £50
- Buy ALL 7 Azumanga plushies and get Azumanga Daioh DVD vols 1-3 + Box FREE! - £70
- Buy Infinite Ryvius Roman Album and Infinite Ryvius DVD vols. 1+2 + Box + Plush + pencil boards for £18!
- Buy Candidate For Goddess artbook and get Pilot Candidate vols. 1, 2 & 4 FREE! - £10
- Buy Love Hina Art Collection and Love Hina TV Anime Artbook vols. 1 & 2 and get the Kaolla Su figure and Love Hina poster FREE! - £50
- Buy Dark Angel poster SIGNED by Kia Asamiya and get the Dark Angel figure and manga vol. 1 FREE! - £50
- Buy Cowboy Bebop Newtype vols. 1-5 and the Spike figure and get the CB Settei FREE! - £20
- Buy Sakura Wars TV Roman Album and Sakura Wars artbooks 1-3 and get the Sakura Wars calendar FREE! - £60
- Nadia set – Alpha artbook by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Nadia The Secret of Blue Water artbook and Nadia The Secret of Blue Water Electric toy drum (1989) for £50 (, don't forget DVD vol. 1 is FREE too!)
- Utena bundle - Revolutionary Girl Utena, This is Animation artbook, Chu Chu Watch, Dualist Ring Size 11 (pink), Duelist Ring Size 11 (blue) and Anthy plushie all for £125 (you're getting the blue ring and plushie FREE.. not to mention I have the JP Anime comic vol. 1 for FREE too!)
- Sailor Moon bundle - 100 piece mini Puzzle, Metal Lunchbox WITH shoulder strap, Metal Pencil Case and Mug, all for £20
- Buy The Ultimate Art of KANON artbook (MATURE CONTENT) and get the gashapon set FREE! - £15
- Buy Lime Iro Senkitan artbook (MATURE CONTENT) and get the LIS Chirashi FREE! - £15
- Buy NOIR vols. 1-7 + Box + t-shirt (never worn) and get a deck of NOIR playing cards FREE! - £30
- Buy Sentimental Graffiti Image Artworks (MATURE CONTENT) and get a SG shitajiki FREE! - £15
- Buy the Tenchi Muyo wall scroll and mini Metal Lunchbox and get the postcard set FREE! - £20
- Urushihara set – Get all 5 Langrisser books, all 4 Growlanser books, the signed edition of Plastic Little, the Crystania novels AND the beautiful Legend of Crystania Newtype artbook all for £40
- Adult bundle (MATURE CONTENT) - Angels in the Court DVD box set, Strange Love DVD, Souichi Aoyama Visual Works artbook, ALL 6 JP Doujinshi, and the ecchi panties figure AND 16 Chirashi (JP mini posters) all for £80! (Getting all the Chirashi FREE plus a great saving of £13 on top!)

I tried to make bundles by bringing together items from the same title. Feel free to create your own, putting together a collection of items that you want, then PM me so we can negotiate a price. Who knows, I may even be able to suggest/add something of interest that's not been listed yet. ^_~


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You mean the JP Manga - Neon Genesis Evangelion vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 and Neon Genesis Evangelion Newtype/Roman albums? You buy the NGE roman albums and you get the manga vols free. :D
I've also got a NGE clock if you're interested, though I was hoping to get something like £15 for it. If you want to check it out I'll dig it out today and get a pic sorted for you. ^_^