Mega Sale! Lots of Freebies!! (1st 2 posts)


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Thank you to those who have responded.

More items to be added, the latest of which is my Satoshi Urushihara Limited Edition Poster Box. It's a beautiful collection however I have censored the mature bits to make it suitable for the forum.
Iamges; external box, presentation box, contents (list of contents)

I will be letting go of a couple of my Urushihara books but I have yet another early start in the morning so I will have to get photos taken after work tomorrow or on one of my days off. (^_^)


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More stuff uploaded;

Satoshi Urushihara Collection
Artbook - Legend of Crystania
Artbook - Legend of Langrisser
Artbook - Love
Artbook - Ragnorock City
Artbook - U: Collection
Artbook - Vampire Master Illustration Book
Misc. Book - Urushihara Satoshi Hentai Doujinshi
Misc. Merch -Urushihara Satoshi Card Collection Complete in presentation book
Posters - Satoshi Urushihara Limited Edition Poster Box - external box, presentation box, contents (list of contents)

More goodies, some I discovered I still had?!?!

Artbook - A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Artbook - Keiji Gotoh Illustrations
Artbook - Neon Genesis Evangelion 100% Newtype Collection
Misc book - Ah! My Goddess Postcard book


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Replied (^_^) Domo arigatou!

More items added! (We're moving, and worse still is that we're downsizing, hence parting with goods that I would otherwise keep.)

Freebie Anime DVD - X DVD R2
Anime DVD - Love Hina Spring Special
Anime DVD - Love Hina Christmas Special
Anime DVD - Maria Holic Alive Complete
Anime DVD - Orphen The Perfect Collection
Anime DVD - Rune Soldier Complete with metal artbox (Not sure if I will part with this yet, I need to check with my ex)
Artbook - Groundwork of Mahoromatic 1
Artbook - Groundwork of Mahoromatic 2

Pacific Trading Post

Completely Average High School Student

Have you still got any of the following ps1 games available?
Crash Bandicoot
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Silent Hill
Theme Hospital
Wipeout 2097

Also do you still have any Newtype USA mags?



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Apologies for my long absence. Life, work, mayhem.

I will update the list soon as we're moving, possibly as soon as Tuesday - if it is Tuesday I'm screwed because we haven't got a house to move into so everything will have to go into storage. (@_@")

So, offers welcome - need to get as much gone by the weekend as possible. :s


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animefreak17 - I got work tomorrow but I will continue packing away my life and updating the original opening posts after work. Once it's all done I will post a reply here with the new listings.

Meanwhile, good night (^_^)/