Luna's Search & Sale pile

Sorry give me another day or two to get the list updated. Still sorting out piles and boxes here. (My room is like playing a tricky rubik's cube atm. @.@)
Unbreakable Machine Doll is definitely still there though.
Ok, I really need some space, badly.
Yamada-kun and the seven Witches 1-9
High School Debut 1-13

both Manga titles in English.

I'm blowing these out now. Anybody want them for 60 including shipping? That's a bit less than 2.75 a piece.

@Luna How much would you take for High School Debut on its own? I already own bits of and have read all of Yamada-kun before, otherwise I might have taken it as well.
OK, so a box just barely missed my head by three inches and some glass stuff broke... I need space.
Anybody know French? I'm ready to blow out that pile, too. (That section is up to date. Some English DVD blow outs might come later.)

Also that manga
The Witch of Artemis 1;
anybody want that for 1.5?
New for Sale:
No Game No Life Complete Collection Limited Edition; new and shrinkwrapped, MVM's now out of print UK LE Blu-ray/DVD combo release with artcards, the soundtrack all in a chipbox. It's got a (very?) small bump on a corner.

Images to come in some 10 days-ish.
New for Sale: A bunch of Japanese Manga.
See images here:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Have been thinking some around 3 per piece.
Will add the individual titles by the by when I get the time to.
There is a whole bunch more to come. really need some space here. @.@"
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New for Sale:
An army of Nyanko-Sensei Gashapons (Capsule Toys) from the Natsume Yuujinchou/Natsume's Book of Friends Franchise, all new and unused

Images to come yet, have way too many of them. @.@
New for Sale (probably):
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Collector's Edition Sentai's out of print limited collector's edition, Blu-ray and DVDs housed in a chipbox along with a hardcover booklet and numerous extras. New and unwatched, but I've unpacked it to check the completeness of the contents.

Feeling out for good offers here.
I would keep it, but it's a taking a bit of space and I have none. (Plus I already have the UK release of both seasons, too, somehow...)
Any pics?
I'm so sorry. The heavens were of the opinion to provide me with crap lighting today. ;_;
I hope I'll get to make some tommorow!

Other than that:
New for Sale:
Kanon Complete Collection DVD; US Release from Funimation
Air Complete Collection DVD; US Release from Funimation, includes the OVA episode